Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sniffly Cold instead of Weaving...

Well, in spite of feeling quite tired and sick with a cough, I did finish the "Morning Skies" scarf for a customer, photographed it and loaded it onto Etsy for her.  But I did not start the black scarf yet.  I might feel better tomorrow...

It is so cold outside.  We heat with wood so I can't take a nap because I have to feed the fires to keep the warmth up in the house.  -15 is too cold...  I've been replenishing the bird food three times a day!  They are so hungry and I love watching all of them while I weave!

 Noah has his girlfriend, Sofia, up for the week.  They have more energy than I have.

 Oops!  Sofia is very good natured pulling him around the yard.
 Noah and Sofia on New Years to a restaurant
 And Gary...I should have waited to take this picture because Obie tucked himself next to Gary right after I left the room.  Magic and Ballou  keeping him warm.
Off to watch Project Runway!


  1. Beautiful scarf, wonderful pix; hope you get over the cold; here's to a great 2013; oh, and happy birthday to Noah!! xxxx

  2. hope you're feeling better, it's just getting going in my body. yuck!

  3. Feel better TODAY, Dear Cait! Enjoy Noah & Sofia, and take a page from Gary's book! :)

    P.S. Agree with Miss Ginny - that scarf is a beauty!!!

  4. I just caught sight of this vibrant color and the sweet family photos-- what a beauty Cait-- a great anecdote for the cold. I hope you're feeling much better and I wish you a most wonderful 2013 ahead!


  5. Just wanted you to know that the "Morning Skies" scarf I gave my mother last year remains one of her very favorite things and was worn over the holidays. Glad you are making more!

    Hope you feel better soon...

    Jane in New Orleans

  6. Hi Cait,
    Beautiful scarf. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    xo Cheryl

  7. Everytime I see your beautiful creations (every day because I have one, now--lucky me!!!), I wish I could learn from you, Cait. In two weeks time I'll finally get the chance to tie onto a loom--I don't even know if that's the correct English expression as I'm learning in German...

  8. Such pretty scarves! I haven't woven scarves for years,I mostly do rag things. Nice to meet another weaver! ;-D