Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out for a walk...

Off to visit the horses...

OK, Dommie looks startled because I have been in the house for 2 months and he no longer knows who I am...Duke is rarely startled by anything and is using this as an opportunity to eat Dommie's hay.

Oh, it's just you...
I'm off following the trail.

with Mieux who loves it when we come out to play!

Time for a little fun with the sled Gary was using to haul wood.

Waiting for spring but still loving winter!

I am trying to remember to get outside every day... ok I've gone outside yesterday and today but it's a start, right? It was sunny, cold and beautiful this afternoon and I went to see the horses, took Mieux (our French Canadian barn kitty) for a walk, following the tracks to find my husband cutting down thorn apple trees. On the way back I gave the horses some carrots and now they love me again! Had enough energy today to finish a length of weaving which will become wide scarves with buttons and then made fried rice with one large shitaki mushroom that Gary grew and baked some squash. for wine and a book...


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Painted Desert Scarf

A beautiful day to photograph--overcast with a beautiful light! Thank you Katie for coming over for this. You are beautiful, too!

...cliff dwellings, striated rock faces, mountain streams, sunset...this one makes me happy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hand Made Buttons!

Oh my good god, I am in love with these buttons!! The detail in these...the color...I think I'm changing careers and getting a kiln! Mary Harding ( says I can get one for only $650 and free shipping. hmmmmm...I wonder how many buttons I have to make to justify that? Below is the new scarf I have been working on--more photos will come when Katie gets back from her weekend and I can photograph and load on Etsy.

Went over to Mary's studio where she had already sanded and bisqued fired the clay buttons I made before Christmas. Then I painted them with different glazes and she fired them again for 9 hours. Went back yesterday with my etsy model (Katie) and fell in love with all of them--even the ones that were too heavily glazed and lumpy. I think they are beautiful and they feel wonderful. Then, of course, we made more. I'm going to move in with Mary (though her husband might object). Maybe I can live in her barn/studio. I think I need to look on Craig's list for a kiln.

Below is the before picture. All white and before I glazed them...sooooo pretty! And Mary had glazed shards with the new glazes so we could see what they look like fired! All labeled and everything organized. I'm turning into a button freak!

Enjoy your Friday!