Monday, May 27, 2013

My Ellie

Well, Ellie doesn't know much about lunging, that's for sure.  Whoa doesn't seem to be in her vocabulary.  And I think we were expecting more than she could process at this point.  And we need a rope halter that fits her instead of the nylon one but Dommie's is too big and we haven't had a chance to get another.  But leading her has improved after only a couple of times and I have contacted a local trainer who is recommended by my riding instructor.  He will get us started in a couple of days.  Meanwhile, I am riding Duke.  sigh.  And when they are out of sight of each other there is all this hollering back and forth.  But they need to get used to being separated.  Tomorrow Duke and I are going out on the trail and field and I'll lock her in her stall.

Meanwhile, I'm weaving a new scarf (so much calmer than horses!!) and working on a chenille scarf warp (still in design mode) for a customer.

Ellie happy in the big field!
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Well, first we did a free lunging session in the morning which was a complete disaster.  Ellie only wanted to eat grass and when I harassed her to run she first had a completely lovely suspended trot and when I lowered my pressure she didn't pay any attention and started galloping faster and faster around in smaller and smaller circles...totally freaking out and freaking me out because I had no way to stop her...I have never seen a horse move that fast.  Never.  So finally she stopped and I clipped on a lead rope and we walked until she could calm down.  phew.  Then I put her back in the paddock.  OMG.  That didn't work.

Then later that evening after dinner we took her out to the arena again and put her on a line and had a very gentle time of it.  She was sweet and mostly walked because I didn't want to rev her up again.  So at least we ended on a good note for the day.  Oh the learning we are doing!  Ellie doesn't know anything about personal space (and staying out of mine).  My wonderful trainer and friend, Nancey, is coming over this morning to help me.  Yes.

Ellie in her stall for the night.  She loves the window.

The sky was amazing last night!

Gary gently lunging Ellie...
Another beautiful day and I'm loving life!

Friday, May 10, 2013

I Bought A Horse!!

Woooooo Hoooooo!!!  I bought a horse...a very young Appendix mare with front shoes...I know, I know I said no mare and no shoes but sometimes you have to give a little.  And she is only 5 and hasn't always had shoes so I feel confident that she will be able to go without.  Oh yeah...I said no mare.  Well...Duke will be very happy.  Maybe too happy.  Might be hard to separate them but we'll just have to see.  Duke, by the way, has always been sort of stand-offish but lately he has started coming when I call him and liking some attention.  That will probably all stop when the girlfriend shows up.  This horse looks so skinny to me, too.  Especially since I'm used to chunkos.  I better work harder at my diet so she doesn't collapse under the weight...

So all of a sudden we have to do some work around getting electric to the barn and fence.  Picking up stones...fixing some boards in my outdoor arena...and the gate is hanging from only one hinge out there.  Going to be a busy weekend.  And I don't really know when I can get her here...have to talk to the hauler but I'm sure it will be next week sometime.  I am so excited but it is coming out in a crabby way...
They called her "Dressed in Chanel"
and her barn name is Elle...but we will call her

And Noah called!!  He has landed in NYC and will be coming home tomorrow sometime!  YAY!  Haven't seen him since January when he left for Australia.  Such a nice gift for Mother's Day!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why I do what I do...

I love weaving and I love handling beautiful threads.  I love designing and making things other people can enjoy.  And sometimes you come across lovely someones who make all the difficulties so worthwhile...

See the sweet little buttons and the embroidery??  The lettering is making me swoon.  Sending love to all my amazing know who you are.  You keep returning to purchase my send me emails telling me about your lives and you support me in so many ways.  You add a richness to my days and you are in my heart when I design.  Thank you.