Thursday, August 30, 2012

Katie is Visiting!

Katie is back from Texas and border patrol for a visit!  And she came over for coffee and photographs...I have missed her so much...she is like a daughter!  Texas is just too far away!

Triangle scarf woven with respun silk sari material...

A free-form jacket--actually a little large for her...

One of the new cotton scarves woven with cotton and tencel

Triangle scarf woven with a bit of everything!
Another Triangle scarf woven with some cotton, silk, and a wonderful complex yarn called "Ziggy"
We had a wonderful afternoon and hopefully over the next week or so I will get these on Etsy.  But first I have to work on the Sunshine and Shimmer scarf which I just got on the loom...

Happy Thursday! xo

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunshine and Shimmer...again

Well I'm designing as well as staring at a basketfull of cherry tomatoes wondering what to do with them.  And the bigger tomatoes haven't even started coming in the house yet.  So here's my escape...another Sunshine and Shimmer scarf.  I'm probably not going to put it on the loom today because I have to clean the guest room and hang some curtains and there is a horse ladies pot luck tonight...a gathering because my model Katie is back from Texas for a visit!  YAY!  I've been riding with her since she was 10 yo.  Can't wait to see her.  I might even get to photograph her as well if she has time.

Meanwhile, my poor husband is chainsawing the tree that came down in our tornado and it was 90 degrees yesterday.  Today is not going to be much better so I should get cleaning instead of procrastinating on the computer (I've already spend hours a little time on pinterest, facebook and Etsy).  At least the placemats are finished.  Can't seem to photograph them because the maroon comes out pink.  I'll have to work on that...

bye tree...

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Yeah, it's been hot.  I wilt in the heat.  But life here goes on, sometimes relentlessly.  We got chicks for meat.  They are called Freedom Riders or some such nonsense.   They are outside now and about 3 weeks old.  Gary built them a chicken wagon so that he can move them around and they can eat grass and bugs and stuff. 

My neighbor's granddaughter holding one of the babies

Three weeks old...
I have been weaving placemats for a good customer of mine.  The pictures are awful so I'm not posting them.  And I have a Sunshine and Shimmer scarf on the warping mill ready to go when I get a minute or two. 

I had to include this pic...See the cream on the top?  So rich you can whip it and farm fresh from the farm up the road.  The best milk EVER!!! And he farms with work horses!

Gary and Alex have almost finished this side!!!  And two stalls are done, the third almost done.  Fencing is up but there are some stumps in the way that Gary has to chainsaw down and pull out with the tractor so the horses can get to their new digs.  The back of the barn is wide open yet and there are no stairs to the haymow.  We need shutters on all the windows, electric run, water hooked up and more siding and flooring but it is almost FUNCTIONAL!!!  YAY!

Said goodbye to Noah cause he went off to Skidmore.  But he will be back on the 8th because Adam, Alicia and Baby Ava are coming for four days!  I am so excited but the room where they are going to stay has some issues.  Like it's full of my stuff and has to be cleaned and a door has to be hung...

I could use a crew here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My First Grandbaby...Ava Marie Kailani Serra!!!

My oldest, Adam, called me 2:30 am Aug. 2 to tell me his daughter was born...It was a hard long labor.   Alicia was two weeks overdue, had to be induced...after a day they gave her a spinal so she could rest and the contractions became ineffective.  When I went to bed they still thought they could deliver naturally and she was dialating but ended up with a C-section.  AND that baby was 9.4 1/2 lbs!  We are just happy that mother and baby are fine!  Drama from afar!  Safely delivered!!

Alicia and Ava

Welcome to the world, Ava!  I wish I could hug you!