Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old Barn Collapse...

Noah went out to get the mail for me and I heard him holler so I went running out and half the old barn was collapsed...OMG!  And we still have stuff in there!  Like Adam and Alicia's stuff, books and papers of Gary's, my tent for shows, etc...Luckily most of the stuff is on the sound end that is still standing.  So when Alex came home they both trudged back and forth and brought at least Adam's stuff in the house and my tent.  Poor Gary, all those papers from the 70s and 80s and 90s like cancelled checks, old payment stubs, dumb important things like that are a little wet and exposed to the weather.  He is such a horader saver.  To tell you the truth I am sick of saving stuff anyway.  Let it all go!  That barn was a gonner when we first moved here because the people before had never taken care of it and we could never afford to fix it.  It is on a concrete block foundation which is crumbling and deteriorating.  The roof has never been re-roofed since it was built in the 50s.  

But it is a shocker to see the inside upstairs!

I'm grateful the horses are safely in their new barn!!!  Though I knew it was time when we decided to build 1 1/2 years ago.

 Thank you Alex and Noah for your hard work!
Adam, your stuff is safe in our guestroom for now and will be moved into the new barn when we get more flooring in the upstairs!

Nothing like 2 1/2 feet of heavy, wet snow.


  1. Glad, though, that horses and you guysa are safe..and that you are all figuring out about 'the stuff"; hard to see any kind of collapse in life though..xxoo

  2. The words that you crossed out--you are a brave woman, Cait, and I agree entirely with you--away with it all! XX

  3. OOH, nooooo. Thank God everyone was safely out of it.

  4. now you have a collapsed barn to take care of. ugh. it's a big job.

  5. Even though you expected that your barn was weak due to old age, it was still surprising that the roof fallen apart. Good thing your new barn was completed months before this happened, so your horses were all safe. Anyway, I hope you recovered all the stuff that was still in the old barn and place it somewhere safer. Also, I read your recent post and I wish you luck in your house hunting.

    Lue Madson

  6. Your roof did its job well for long years but it's time to have a new one already. Glad to hear that the barn was empty when it collapse, so there were no casualties. I hope that everything is going well in your new barn.

    -Joanne Barragan @ Tedricks Roofing