Friday, May 20, 2011

Lots of happenings!!!

Gary's 65th Birthday!

My 62nd Birthday!

Well another month has flown by...had Gary's birthday, my birthday, wove some, sold some...getting moldy from all the rain here and now that the sun has come out the bugs have too. No riding for me unless I can get up very early while it is cool but right now the field is too wet so I'm waiting.

My next BIG THING is my train trip with my sister, Faith, June 14 to Seattle!!!!!! I am wicked excited and can't believe it is coming so fast. I have no idea what to wear either since I have been gaining and gaining and gaining...sigh.

Birthday Dinner--Alex and Victoria made pasta! (hmmmm pasta--weight gain...)

Noah bidding farewell to two very cute friends!!

Noah is home and busy clearing out junk and redoing his room and getting my pantry organized. I don't know where he came from, really. So much good energy. And I'm having a CT scan on Tuesday, oncologist appointment. on Wed. Feeling pretty good though my energy is low.

New Ivory Triangle Scarf

Just finished a triangle scarf and listed it on Etsy. Lots of silk boucle in this one and tied yarns for added texture!

Oh yeah, on my list of things to buy--I got my coffee maker and a new (used) riding lawnmower!!! Next, new half chaps and we are honestly talking about taking down at least half of the old barn and saving the rest! WOOHOO!!! But I can't see that happening on weekends with just us so will have to see if the Amish can give us an estimate!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!!!