Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year...

I love the whole New Year thing.  Love starting over.  Love letting go of old stuff.  Making resolutions even when I know I won't keep them.  I love thinking that I might.  I might be nicer, might lose 10 pounds, might lift weights, might write letters, might, many possibilities.  New beginnings.

Right now I am looking out at snow falling.  It is not too cold and so beautiful.  My Alex is still here on vacation and took Hannah out to play earlier.  Noah and Sofia were here for Christmas and her step dad came up in his plane (!) and flew them back to NYC.  I never did bake cookies...see?  Starting on that 10 pounds already!  The gifts given to me were beautiful and thoughtful.  I am ready to begin the new year.

Some highlights from Christmas...
 My 3 1/2 yo granddaughter, Ava at her recital in HI
Photograph taken by her father,
my son Adam, printed on metal!
( (shameless plug)

 The Tree!

 Yes...still do stockings!

I know...blurry...but here are two of my three guys,
Alex and Noah
and Sofia.

So.  January 2016.  It has been six years since my diagnosis and first surgery.  6 years.  I am grateful.  I am healthy.  I love my family and friends.  For those of you who read this blog, thank you.  

Let the New Year begin!  I'm ready!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last Commission of the Year!

Well...I'm done.  18 potholders for a local customer.
And she wanted them for just after Christmas.
And she told me this two weeks before Christmas.
And they take about an hour to do.
OK.  Good thing I love making
potholders!  Actually it is kind of
relaxing to work at the counter
while visiting with someone and
having coffee.
So.  No more commissions
and I have scarf designs in my
head waiting.  


My Noah is home with Sofia for Christmas
and today Alex is driving home as
well.  We are having good friends
over for Christmas dinner.
I think I am finished shopping.
Just some pies to bake and the
kids have been making cookies.  Oh
did I mention that I am not eating
sweets?  Yeah.  Great timing.  So far
I have resisted.  I am fighting my primary
about statins so I am determined to
loose a few and regain control.
Don't we all love control?!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rainbow Scarf...

Well...I look around and there is stuff everywhere, a tree that is not decorated, wrapping paper on the counter, no cookies anywhere, presents, cones of threads left over from weaving towels and  we have had weeks of dark weather, rain, warmth, no snow....So I decided to pick up the living room because all the mess was leaving me very uninspired and this is what came out of it!

A rainbow warp!  Makes me very happy!  I might get time to actually dress the loom but even if I don't I love looking at this.

 Enough warp for 2 scarves

 About 10.5 inches wide

 After weaving and washing it will probably be 9 inches

 Round and round bringing sunshine into my life!

May your holidays be joyful and full of light!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Annie's Second Batch of Towels...

All done with the second batch of towels for my friend, Annie!  These are very much like the first batch but I switched out the pink for orange and put in a light green and added a turquoise as well.  Similar stripes.  Wove most of these with white 8/2 cotton.  And a couple with light green, a couple with purple, and one with light blue.  We'll see which ones she picks.  Annie wants 12 of them...and the others are sold as well.

...on the loom weaving in white...

Woven with white 8/2... 8/2

...purple 8/2

And I'm done with these...On to the next thing...though I don't
know what that is yet...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Triangle Weaving Class

I have been so busy...Riding Django with my friend, Sandy, riding my Dakota...exercising the puppy with long walks in the woods...weaving another 12 (turns out to be 17) towels for a wonderful returning customer...and I just held another triangle class.  Oh and inbetween I sometimes take a nap.  Today I just finished the towels but haven't taken them off the loom yet.  I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving.  10 people coming including two of my sons!  Still have to make the beds up, bake a pie, finish a sweet potato casserole, grind up some local cranberries with oranges for the big dinner, clean up some...

But first I have to share the photos from class.  They all did an amazing job and finished by 4pm!  I think a couple of the women were tired but really the results were beautiful!  Next time I will insist people sit down to weave some!





We had to rush a little at the end so some of the fringe didn't get trimmed up but I think they all look gorgeous!  Fun day!

Off to walk the puppy...I hope everyone has a delightful thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I feel like a kid with a new box of crayons!
Getting ready for the holidays...

The fourth one from left to right (greens and lt. blue) is sold...

What can I say?  I am delirious with color!
$12.00 each and $2.50 shipping.
These are not all loaded into my Etsy yet.
If you see one you want...or two or three...
just message me or leave a comment!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Patterned Towels!!

Finally...the patterned towels are off the loom
and ready for Etsy!  I have two each of the following...
red, rust, true green, periwinkle, yellow,
pale violet, pale blue, and a lovely gray green. 

Pale Blue


 Gray green

 True green

And four extra from Annie's towels! 

Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Different Direction for Scarves...

 Normally I weave warp dominant scarves and shawls.
But lately I have needed some pattern and so I 
put on some white rayon...half a 6-ply and half
a lovely rayon boucle to satisfy my lust for
texture!  Then...ahhhh...there are just so many
colors in this world.  I am in love!  


The only problem is I find making one color
warps a little boring but at least all that
goes away when I finally get a chance to

All done...