Monday, January 14, 2013

Black Chenille Scarf...

Well, I wove a black scarf with tencel but then decided to weave the next one with black is amazing!  I know this doesn't look like much but the scarf is black, black, black with bursts of lovely color and so incredibly soft and light, I might have to keep it.   

I also might have to keep it because I am finding it impossible to photograph!

 And because I'm falling in love with how it feels...

Back to farm news, Duke has a little digestive problem.  And after waiting all day for Joel (the vet) he came around 7 tonight.  Said he has been seeing quite a bit of this in horses this winter.  I'm being sensitive here to those who might not want to know all about his "problem"... In any case, he took samples and we're off to the feedstore for medicine tomorrow even though my horses are on a worming schedule for this... It seems that sometimes  the medicine is not as effective as it could be, I guess.  Anyway, no temp, hydration is good, appetite is good and Joel doesn't think Duke has an ulcer.  So hopefully we will have him feeling better soon!  Poor Dukey...and poor Gary who cleans the stalls.

Anyway, I'm thinking of making lots of scarves like the black one with tencel warp mixed with other lovelies and chenille weft.  I have lots and lots of colors that I haven't used in a while!  I just need some minions students to do the weaving!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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