Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Ideas...

Finally, I have freed up 3 of my 22" looms...I promised myself I wouldn't start anything really new until I got all the scarves and cuffs OFF!!! Usually I finish one scarf and go happily on to another loom to weave a different scarf instead of disciplining myself to stick to one loom. So today, to reward myself because of my amazing finishing ability, I have started a new type of scarf--this one will be about 10" wide and about 73" long (after washing, who knows!) and will close with buttons on one hemmed end and crocheted edged buttonholes on the other end. I've been dreaming about this will be able to wrap it around and around your neck and button it closed.

I started winding the warp to start but it soon became too dark in the living room/loom room so I had to stop but I have a picture of the beginning! I tried to make it very subdued in color--sort of cloud-like and gossamer-like. hahahahaha...ok THAT didn't work. I even had names in mind like "lichen" or "tundra" or "windswept"... Now the name seems to be "riot" or "rainbow"... I tried, I really, really tried..

So here it is...the first 3 inches of the width and 4 scarves long...more to come tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monet's Garden Dress Scarf

I've been trying to duplicate a scarf I wove last year for a new customer who fell in love with an old picture on Etsy...but I find it impossible to be exact. I also do not have the same threads and yarns from year to year. It is not always possible to stock the same variety so I made do with what I had and I hope she likes it. Meanwhile I have three more to weave and put on Etsy! I'm happy with this one even if my customer doesn't end up wanting it!

Winding the warp...
Sleying the reed after threading the heddles...

Ready to weave...


Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yay! My cards are ready!!!

For the past couple of months I was trying to develop a line of note cards though I was sort of waylaid by medical stuff. At least I actually got the cards done in time for Christmas gifts and I have more photographs for more cards--maybe this week I'll bring them to my favorite copy center...but meanwhile I'm working on getting these ready for Etsy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! My only resolution this year is to enjoy the moment! So far it's working!