Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunset Shawl and a Walk in the Woods

 Well, I'm weaving on and off. I love this warp and
 I'm weaving the first shawl with a coral tencel

on my new-to-me Schacht loom.  Simply a lovely piece of equipment.

 This was before the snow storm.
You could almost feel that the weather was turning into Spring.  
Today, not so much.
Our field...
 Heading into the woods we found a tree across
my riding path.  

 More riding paths in the woods.

Our pond.
 Looking back up at the house and barn from the pond.
There is an almost-complete road down through
the swamp in between us but still needs work.
And certainly isn't horse ready.
And today...Well, we stayed in where it is warm and toasty.
The wood stove is lovely.
I'm weaving.

And that paint horse I was going to see was sold
to the woman who saw him
the day before we were
 supposed to go. 
 But that's ok.

Karen from This Old House 2 has a friend in RI who
is selling a gelding.  And I found a quarterhorse
rescue in Bolton, MA.  So we are off on Easter
Weekend to see them.  I'm trying not
to get excited.  OK I'm a little excited.
We'll see.  I'm going to let
instinct guide me.

No matter what horse I get, it takes time to build a
relationship.  Time to trust.  Time to understand
each other.  Time to adjust.  Time to love.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Life goes on...

Well, almost two weeks since Dommie died and we are still grieving...
But I have started to work again.
Made a cotton warp with mostly reds which is
on my new (to me) 36" Schacht loom.

Took off a triangle scarf...

Designed and wove one scarf (out of three)
called Golden Sunset.  Reminds me of sitting on
the beach in the evening watching the sun
go down, bare feet in the warm sand,
holding hands with that special boyfriend. 
In order to do this we had to hide the car and 
sneak into the beach which closed
at sunset, 
way, way back in the day...

So life goes on...
and we are looking at a horse over near Rochester
(a 4 1/2 hour drive)
on Sunday, though someone else is looking at him on Saturday. 
So I'm just taking one day at a time and if this horse is for me
then so be it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rest in Peace, Domino...

We had to finally put Dommie down last night around 11pm.  
We are both still in shock, exhausted, confused and heartsick. 

Taken after Storm Nemo

And a portrait by Noah

Rest in Peace, my Dommie...

Monday, March 4, 2013


Dommie had a bad night.
Called the vet this morning.
NG tube with epsom salts, impaction.
IV shot of banamine didn't seem to do much.
Sedation shot is wearing off now.
He is in his stall, lying down, miserable.
Could take up to 12 hours for epsom salts to
help him poop.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

What a Weekend...

Saturday was lovely...put on a warp...took a nap...
Gary and I went out to dinner (!)...and came home and
 watched the most remarkable movie 
I think I have ever seen--
Beasts of the Southern Wild.
I am still processing.  
One of those movies you will never forget. 

This is my new warp. 
 No name yet but I have already finished one scarf but haven't taken it off the loom.

And here is "Seascape" a shawl I've also been working on.


I'm weaving three of these...the first one is woven with an icy blue.

Woke up Friday to more snow...

Today I figured we would have a peaceful Sunday...
Gary went out to do the horses and Dommie was colicking again.
He wasn't terrible but he wasn't happy.
I had one more shot of Banamine but Gary thought we could wait.
Finally, in the afternoon he was running
and getting agitated and rolling and generally miserable
so we gave him the shot.  He is somewhat better.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.
I'm exhausted emotionally.
I love this horse.
I took this video from the back door and he is in the north pasture.  Sort of far away.
Here's hoping tomorrow is better.