Sunday, May 25, 2014

Post Italy...

OK everything is now either before Italy or after Italy...I need to go back.  Seriously.  I felt so healthy over there.  Walking, eating, drinking wine, listening to Italian.  What more can you ask for?

I know...I missed the entire month of May...and maybe even most of April.  I've become fixated on the quickness of Facebook (or addicted, as Noah tells me).

But back to Potsdam.  We had three graduations...Alex from Clarkson with his Masters in Engineering, Victoria (Alex's significant other) from SUNY Potsdam with her Masters and Noah from Skidmore with his Bachelor degree.  Alex has a job down in Groton, CT starting when he passes his security clearance and Noah is still debating his options...I am beyond proud of them both!

Noah with Sofia
AND Django came to stay!  Here he is relaxing with Duke standing guard.  Such a life!  He is truly a treasure.  Curious, friendly, sweet...all this plus good looking!  So I found a friend, Sandy, to ride Duke while I ride Django.  Sandy is taking lessons with me as well though Duke would rather eat and chill.  She has never ridden before, is newly retired, and this is something she always wanted to try.  Sometimes the stars align!  I had my confidence shaken by Miss Ellie and I haven't ridden in 1 1/2 years so I needed someone to keep me company.  I'm getting my legs back, working on my hands, cues, stamina.  And getting to know this amazing horse.  He is responsive and lovely.  Plus now I have someone to ride out in the fields with.  And his original owner came and stayed for a couple of days and helped tremendously with the transition.  So all is well on the farm...

And my sister (Faith) is coming for a visit soon.  I can't wait!!  Oh and I turned 65 in May.  OK that's all the big doings around here.  I have not been weaving very much because the barn beckons and the weather is amazing after a very long winter...I'm waiting for my creative spirit to kick in...anytime now.  Meanwhile, I'm riding!