Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Finishing up some projects...

 A wee little sample for the larger baby blanket.  A doll blanket...There are two of these and I think they will go on Etsy.
 Washed, pressed, hemmed

Another triangle scarf finished and photographed...also for Etsy.  This one is called Celtic Mist.  There are so many colors in this and yet it is softly neutral.  And soft.  Woven with a wool/silk blend with some soy silk ribbon and rayon yarn as well.

And a scarf...the warp is silk boucle and rayon.  This one is called Winter Frost.  Mostly woven with tencel and rayon with occasional silk and some of my hand-dyed stash.  Also soft...

My rainbow scarf.  The second one because the first one is sold.  Also going back on Etsy soon...

And finally my Rainbow Baby Blanket...the full size one.  All washed, dried, pressed and hemmed.  There will be three of these.  One is already spoken for and I think the second one is as well.  So the last one will go on Etsy when I finish weaving it.  They are about 39 inches by 37 inches and can also work as a table cloth...or at least a square on the table.  100% cotton and totally washable.

One more scarf on one of my small looms and I am almost ready for my two students who have been patiently waiting.  I'm thinking of threading for a runner of some sort and having them work on that before they design their own piece...

Meanwhile, all the animals are hunkered down for the winter.  Except for Hannah who adores running in the snow.  Hope everyone's mid-week is wonderful!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rainbow Baby Blankets

Just beginning to wind on the warp for three baby blankets.  My loom is 40" so that determines the width and I am hoping to end up around 37 x 37 when washed and dried.  The darkness of winter demands a rainbow of cotton color!

Beaming the warp...the color looks a little off because of the lighting in that room...

All threaded in Swedish Rosepath...This is the back of the loom.

Reed is sleyed and everything is tied on ready to weave.

View from left, right and center...One blanket woven and sold,
though it is still on the loom..
Two more to go!
Hope every one's weekend is wonderful!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

6 Years Post Whipple Surgery...and Doll Blankets!

Six years...and so much life has happened.  Adam and Alicia got married when I was finishing up chemo.  Faith and I went on a train trip across the US to Whidby Island to see an amazing friend from my high school class.  My sister Meg and her girlfriend, Darlene, Noah and I drove across the country to Colorado to see two of my brothers the following year.  Noah and Alex both graduated from college.  Ava was born and is now 3 1/2.  My Mom died at almost 92.  Both boys have moved out and into their own in Mystic, CT and the other in Brooklyn, NY.  Along the way I lost several very, very special friends including my heart horse, Dommie...and my little pancreatic support group, Chris and Braveheart (oncology camp) friends Jude and more recently, Rebecca.

Dommie (photograph by Melanie Kimbler)

Gary and I took a trip to Florence, Italy and another to Maui to see Adam, Alicia and Ava.  I have two new horses.  We had to put down my little 14-year-old Obie and my 19-year-old Lucy kitty this year.  I have a new puppy, Hannah.  We were adopted by an outdoor barn kitty, Sammie.

They gave me two years after the Whipple.  That's the average.  3% make it more than 5 years.  I just remember we were so blindsided.  I was so sick.  It took a couple of years to recover.  Though recovered is a relative term.

I am happy with my life.  I am proud of the men my boys have become.  My Alex is getting married this coming summer to a girl he has know his whole life.  I am still weaving and creating and riding and playing.  My Hannah is a wonderful companion during the day and gets me out for a walk every day as well.

So.  Here's to 6 more...or 66 more!  I'll take what I can get!

Meanwhile I did a couple of samples for a baby blanket...My idea is to have big blocks about 5 inches each...9 of them and weave them square with the same colors.  These blocks are 1 1/4 inches but I thought it would give my customer an idea of what it will be like.  And now that I have taken these two off the loom I am thinking these make good doll blankets!

Plus that was fun!  Meanwhile I am finishing up a couple of scarves...maybe tomorrow I can photograph!  I truly love the new year!