Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stool Painting

Took a fun painting class with my riding instructor, Nancey, and her daughter, Emma...Took us two days and gallons (kidding) of paint over in Nancey's studio.  Taught by another dear friend, Melanie of Cat House Designs.  We stenciled a butterfly, drew squiggly lines, and used up all her paint. 
 Emma, me, Nancey

 My stool

 Melanie's stool

 Nancey's stool

 Far right is Emma's stool

Had an old stool from Ames (which has been out of business for years)...ugly, pale stool.  Sprayed it black and had a ball!  Livens up my kitchen especially with a big plant on top.

Just beginning to snow today.  Great day to weave!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Rainbow Christmas Gift Towels

I finally made Christmas gifts for friends and family plus two for me!
Pulling cotton threads for towels

Winding the warp
Winding the warp onto the loom
using a raddle and lease sticks
threading the heddles so that the threads
make a pattern

Reed is sleyed and tied on
ready to weave
Weaving the towels
I didn't take any photos of the stack of 13 towels but
tomorrow I will take a photo of my two...
the rest are given away.

Working on Sunshine towels right now.
Hopefully I will be done with them
this weekend!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Monday, February 6, 2017

I Know...It has been a long time...

Victoria and Alex - July 10, 2016
Ava - Flower Girl
Last May I had an aortic valve replacement.  And breathing complications with fluid filling the pleural cavity.  And an allergic reaction to one of the medications given in the hospital.  And several hospital stays, etc. Finally, my lovely pulmonologist gave me steroids to help my appetite and energy levels. My middle son, Alex, married his Victoria in July. Adam, Alicia and Ava came to the farm a week before the wedding. Some of my siblings and I had rented a camp on Saranac Lake for after the wedding and I was able to enjoy all of it! And I made the flower girls fairy crowns out of wire and nail polish.
Faith, Cait, Paul, Meg
 Went to cardio rehab all fall finishing up near Christmas but in January they found that a spot on my lung is growing and February 16 I am back down to Memorial Sloan Kettering for surgery to remove it.  Hospital stay is approximately 5 days and I have no idea how this recovery is going to play out.

Meanwhile, I had been starting to weave some.  Wove some towels for gifts...another 13 towels for a customer...a rainbow scarf...
Rainbow Towels
Towels in Green
Blue Plaid towels
Infinity Wrap
Rainbow Scarf
 So life goes on...Hopefully after this next surgery the year will be a productive one for me!  Meanwhile, Hannah is keeping me good company and we walk everyday with a friend and her corgi...

And yes...I went to Washington for the
Women's March

Magic keeping warm with