Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre Christmas Surgery

Before we talk about the surgery I have to say that the day after I came home from the hospital Gary brought Noah home from Skidmore and the Alex and Noah went out looking for a tree. When they couldn't find any for sale they went into our woods and cut one. I think it is beautiful and can't wait for them to decorate it today! Such a delicate tree! I loved that they did this together. I love that they are not squabbling as much as they used to. I love that they are home for Christmas!!

Well, I did it...I actually volunteered for this surgery. I know, hard to believe. But the alternative was to never lift anything over 10 pounds forever. The last two surgeries had left a bit of a mess and a very wide scar and 4 separate hernias so not knowing really what I was getting into I went to the hospital and they accessed my port (soooo easy) and said that surgery would probably be about 45 min and that I could probably go home after. Yeah... The surgery became a bit complicated with adhesions, took over 2 hours and I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. So much for Christmas! Here I am after the surgeon took out half the staples, battered, bruised and swollen but recovering. I can now get in and out of bed by myself!! Oh, did I mention that I do not have a belly button?? Weird. And the gauze is over where they had a drain which is still a little messy. So in two weeks he will recheck and if the swelling isn't down we will do a CT scan and aspirate. Doesn't sound like fun so I'm hoping my body knows what to do. Meanwhile I'm not to do much except order everyone around! hahahaha... I actually pretty much finished my shopping early and I'm making Gary wrap. And I'll go with him to get some stocking stuffs and that's it! I'm done!
So hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas with loved ones!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Unexpected Friendships!

I got a gift in the mail this morning. Should have gotten it yesterday but I never got the mail out of the box because I had to go to Gary's Christmas party for work. The story is that I sold a neck cuff and a scarf on Etsy and mailed out the wrong neck cuff. I sent an apology along with a return envelope and when my gracious customer sent it back to me she included these lovely earrings by . Just wanted everyone to know that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Etsyland and Shea is the best customer! I was moved to tears by her unexpected generosity...

Nice too because tomorrow is the anniversary for my diagnosis and I'm a little freaked out by this. Trying not to dwell on it too much but to have a year already gone is, well, scary. But all I can do is keep on going. And my sister, Faith, said yes to our driving across country adventure next I have long-term plans and lots of weaving ideas for this winter! Now off to vacuum and put up some Christmas decorations and get that package for Adam and Alicia ready for the mail and package up cookies for gifts! Oh yeah, and wrap the presents I've already bought for the guys...I really do love Christmas...but can I just have a cleaning service??? Would that be TOO MUCH to ask???

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Morning Routine

Duke eating Dommie's hay...

Dommie after chasing Duke away from Duke's hay...
Milk house door...

Well, no new life insights this morning...just doing Gary's chores on Tuesday because he always leaves before 7 am on I'm in charge of fires, feeding horses, barn kitty and birds. Nice that they are all grateful for this! So I hugged everyone except the birds and now I'm thinking about baking to stay near the woodburning stove in the kitchen! The snow is gorgeous and fluffy--like being in a snow globe. I'm feeling quite content!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Button Day with Mary Harding!!!!

I had a fabulous day yesterday over at Mary Harding's studio! She is a clay artist as well as a beader (see her shop on Etsy! She makes gorgeous pendants and toggles imprinted with wildflowers and weeds. So beautiful! She showed me how to make a mold out of this plastic stuff and when it was still soft I pushed a button into it. When I took the button out I had a mold for clay! My buttons are not ready yet because I have to sand them and then glaze them and somewhere along the line they have to be fired...maybe even twice...I'm unclear about that part and I have to go back to find out. I had a blast working with Mary!

Halfway through the day we were talking about metal and she started me stamping on copper and hammering copper. YES! Something to get my aggression out! I happily hammered all the rest of the day, flattening out copper washers and putting my kid's names on them! HA! You probably didn't know I was aggressive! Or had anger issues! Just ask Gary! Mean, too, sometimes! So here is a skill I can use to get all that stuff out! We made a list of tools I would need to do this at home and I'm giving it to my Santa.

Mary, what can I say? It was a wonderful day! Oh, did I mention that she fed us egg rolls? Yummmm....

(Mary on the left--me on the right!)

The view outside her studio barn

The purple stuff is the plastic mold

The clay buttons when they were drying

My favorite button!

The detail was really amazing!

And finally the copper! I can't wait to get tools!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!