Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Triangle Weaving Class!

It was a gorgeous day, sunny and bright and my kitchen was filled with creative women working, working, working!!!  This time I made up packages with three colors of precut yarn and they all got to pick what they liked.  I love choosing color combinations and this way I knew their scarves would turn out ok.  And they were all happy! Plus the yarn sources up here are few (like Jo-Ann's and a little variety store downtown).  I make trips to Webs in Northampton MA and come back loaded so there is lots to choose from.

Regan (She is a lefty which is why she is weaving the other way!) starting out with chunky blues and greens...

Shirley with blues and purples...

Georgia working in reds with some of my hand-dyed...

Kathy brought her knitting yarns...

Nancey is on her 5th or 6th scarf and brought over the one she is currently working on!   She had to leave before she finished so I didn't get a picture of her wearing it.




Honestly, they were working so hard and talking so little it was a good thing I had music playing!  Very industrious group!  Finished a good hour or so ahead of schedule.  At least Nancey was here in the morning and I got caught up with some of the local news.

And Noah is safely in Australia...sounds like he misses us a little...was supposed to be camping the past four days but they couldn't because of a typhoon and flooding.  Nice.  Not that I worry...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bye, Noah...sniff, sniff...

Brought Noah to the bus station this morning for a 6:15 bus to New York City.  He is staying with his girlfriend and her Mom for 5 days and then he is off to Australia for a semester.  A semester.  As far away as you can get on this planet.  A place suffering from 120 degree heat.  Tasmania is on fire.  We are having 5 degree weather and tonight in the minus.  A place that has alligators in the swimming holes.  Poisonous everything.  Big spiders.  Snakes.  Lethal jellyfish.  Killer waves.  

Really, Mom?

 OK, how did this happen???'s going to be a long winter...
Bye, Noah

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Warp in Pink

 I couldn't wait to start a new warp last night...I haven't finished the last black scarf so I can't put it on that loom and I haven't finished the towels either.  Just some incentive to weave today.  This one is going to be woven in chenille for at least one of the scarves and maybe tencel for one and I will see which one I like the best for the third scarf.

Meanwhile, I love all the texture and the color is so girly.

Off to weave...Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Black Chenille Scarf...

Well, I wove a black scarf with tencel but then decided to weave the next one with black is amazing!  I know this doesn't look like much but the scarf is black, black, black with bursts of lovely color and so incredibly soft and light, I might have to keep it.   

I also might have to keep it because I am finding it impossible to photograph!

 And because I'm falling in love with how it feels...

Back to farm news, Duke has a little digestive problem.  And after waiting all day for Joel (the vet) he came around 7 tonight.  Said he has been seeing quite a bit of this in horses this winter.  I'm being sensitive here to those who might not want to know all about his "problem"... In any case, he took samples and we're off to the feedstore for medicine tomorrow even though my horses are on a worming schedule for this... It seems that sometimes  the medicine is not as effective as it could be, I guess.  Anyway, no temp, hydration is good, appetite is good and Joel doesn't think Duke has an ulcer.  So hopefully we will have him feeling better soon!  Poor Dukey...and poor Gary who cleans the stalls.

Anyway, I'm thinking of making lots of scarves like the black one with tencel warp mixed with other lovelies and chenille weft.  I have lots and lots of colors that I haven't used in a while!  I just need some minions students to do the weaving!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old Barn Collapse...

Noah went out to get the mail for me and I heard him holler so I went running out and half the old barn was collapsed...OMG!  And we still have stuff in there!  Like Adam and Alicia's stuff, books and papers of Gary's, my tent for shows, etc...Luckily most of the stuff is on the sound end that is still standing.  So when Alex came home they both trudged back and forth and brought at least Adam's stuff in the house and my tent.  Poor Gary, all those papers from the 70s and 80s and 90s like cancelled checks, old payment stubs, dumb important things like that are a little wet and exposed to the weather.  He is such a horader saver.  To tell you the truth I am sick of saving stuff anyway.  Let it all go!  That barn was a gonner when we first moved here because the people before had never taken care of it and we could never afford to fix it.  It is on a concrete block foundation which is crumbling and deteriorating.  The roof has never been re-roofed since it was built in the 50s.  

But it is a shocker to see the inside upstairs!

I'm grateful the horses are safely in their new barn!!!  Though I knew it was time when we decided to build 1 1/2 years ago.

 Thank you Alex and Noah for your hard work!
Adam, your stuff is safe in our guestroom for now and will be moved into the new barn when we get more flooring in the upstairs!

Nothing like 2 1/2 feet of heavy, wet snow.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sniffly Cold instead of Weaving...

Well, in spite of feeling quite tired and sick with a cough, I did finish the "Morning Skies" scarf for a customer, photographed it and loaded it onto Etsy for her.  But I did not start the black scarf yet.  I might feel better tomorrow...

It is so cold outside.  We heat with wood so I can't take a nap because I have to feed the fires to keep the warmth up in the house.  -15 is too cold...  I've been replenishing the bird food three times a day!  They are so hungry and I love watching all of them while I weave!

 Noah has his girlfriend, Sofia, up for the week.  They have more energy than I have.

 Oops!  Sofia is very good natured pulling him around the yard.
 Noah and Sofia on New Years to a restaurant
 And Gary...I should have waited to take this picture because Obie tucked himself next to Gary right after I left the room.  Magic and Ballou  keeping him warm.
Off to watch Project Runway!