Thursday, March 20, 2014

Florence, Italy!

We are off to Syracuse tomorrow morning, staying overnight because there is supposed to be snow and we have to drive through a very bad region for snow off the lake (enough that they sometimes have to close the highway).  Saturday early afternoon we catch a flight to Washington, from there to Zurich, and on to Florence!  I can't believe I'm actually going!  Totally on my bucket list.  Alex is moving into the house to take care of everyone.  He is such a sweetie!

We will be gone a week and hopefully the weather will have moderated some by the time we get back!  While I like snow, I think it is time for spring.  Though up here I know I'm asking for mud season.  

There will be photos to come, I promise!!

Two cuffs in the making...splitting the warp in two because
it is too wide for a wide cuff.  These will have
to wait until I'm back!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break

Noah was home for the week for Spring Break.
His last Spring Break from college.
And, yes, this is spring in the North Country!
Two new feet of snow.

I do have to say it was BITTER cold!
Like 6 degrees.

 And the snow was over my boots
where I was trying to stand
and take pics with his camera.
And I was laughing hard enough
to fall over.  The wind was howling, snow
was going sideways...all while
he kept yelling at me to "Hurry UP!"

He is a hardy soul.
Our entertainment factor certainly
goes up when he comes home.

Friday, March 7, 2014

We have a Date!!!

We have a tentative date, anyway...April 13!!!
This gives the weather
a chance to moderate somewhat,
the snow to melt,
the sun to dry the land.
I'm telling Duke tomorrow.  He is so quiet
and seems so lonely even though he
never got along with Miss Ellie.

Speaking of Miss Ellie...she is doing fine
over at a barn nearby and the owner/trainer
is going to buy her.  She actually seems happier
there probably because they are so at ease
with b*tchy mares.
And maybe because she has mare friends
and Duke isn't kicking her.

My Alex went down near Albany for a job interview
which went well and he is expecting to
get and accept this job.  My mechanical engineer...
Noah will be home tomorrow for a week
from Skidmore.  Hopefully when he
graduates this spring he will get a job fairly
close as well.  This letting go is a little
Yes another reason to fall in love with this horse...

And I sold this scarf already!
Just have to weave off two more!
Enjoy the weekend!