Sunday, March 26, 2017

Purple to Pale Green Rainbow Towels

YAY!  I actually made another towel warp!  Tomorrow I will wind bobbins and start weaving.  I would like to have complete sets of towels all ready to go in early July for a lovely craft/music festival up by the St. Lawrence River.  The festival attracts Canadians as well (hopefully they can get into the country without any hassle).  In between weaving the towels I will be weaving scarves and redoing my booth as well.  So I am encouraged and have cut down on my pain medication as well.

So far I have yellow/orange towels, these towels, pastel towels, then next another set of rainbow towels, then perhaps green/blue towels...and whatever else appeals to me at the time.  All with 6 blocks of color separated by bumpy white.  They make me happy.

Thread for pastel rainbow towels
Hope everyone's weekend was lovely!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sunrise Towels

Before surgery I finished weaving my Sunrise towels.  So the other day I took them off the loom and cut them apart, hemmed them, and washed and ironed them.  

Half the warp for the Sunrise towels on the warping mill

Woven towels wrapped around the cloth beam

Woven towels fresh off the loom

All done and ready for Etsy!

Photographed for Etsy

This is one of the Rainbow towels which
became gifts for Christmas...I kept two!
I have chosen the next colors for towels but haven't had the energy to actually make the warp.  Plus I only have a couple of days to do my NY sales tax.  And I haven't even found the form!  Maybe today...


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Post Surgery

OK...diagnosed lung cancer but the surgeon is sure she got everything out.  The tumor was small and she took out the entire upper right lobe with robotic assisted surgery. 5 stab wounds right side and back. All lymph nodes tested negative as well.  Now to recover.  Breathing is a little affected but what is worse is nerve pain.  However they are giving me plenty of pain medication round the clock.  I even have to set my phone alarm to take meds in the night.  I'll be glad when I am healed.

Meanwhile I am still loading photos from before surgery!

Winding the warp on for towels

Threading the heddles


Off the loom but before cutting and hemming
and washing and ironing and tagging!

Sofia modeling an clasped weft weave overblouse

Back of overblouse
That's it...time for a nap and more pills...Can't wait to get back to "normal" and have some energy!
Happy Saturday!