Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I'm Thankful for...

I am thankful for my Life

Family--my Mom still calls me and mostly makes sense at almost 90, my husband supports my weaving career even when it isn't making any money, 3 amazing sons and one wonderful daughter-in-law (YAY)--even from Hawaii, Adam calls usually once a week just to chat, Alex lives at home and always manages to make me laugh, Noah is home for Thanksgiving from his first year at college and I love his energy, his willingness to tackle anything--like pies today! My 4 Sisters--Maureen who always checks in with me by phone, Faith who might drive cross country with me on an adventure--more later! Eileen my nurse who also checks in and Meg the youngest female and my facebook buddy. And my three brothers, Paul--guitar playing, singing, older brother, Kevin just a little bit younger than me and handicapped from a birthing accident, and Stephen, youngest and wonderful.

Music--when I need to be transported--when I even need to cry. And harmonizing with Faith, Meg, Paul and Gary during our joint vacation is simply and always a moving experience.

Friends--I've seen friends from my childhood during this year--now women and somehow still the same girls I knew. I have been touched by friends and acquaintances during my illness who have called, sent cards, made dinners, and just came and sat with me. I even have a friend who helps me weave when I get too far behind!

Dommie--my 19 yo healing horse...This week at my trainers (Nancey) he has worked harder than I thought he could--oh and I have also! And for the past several months just softly riding in the fields and woods has done more for me than medicine and doctors. He has plenty of energy but a sweet disposition, lovely manners, nuzzles your hand, your hair, nickers when you come in the barn. sigh.

My weaving--my weaving brings me sanity and a chance to create and a sense of accomplishment, which I need to be whole. Picture is what passes for my living room--hahahaha

A Clear CAT Scan--what can I say about this! The best gift of all...

Last December after my diagnosis of pancreatic cancer I met with my surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering and he was measuring my life in months...After the surgery he gave a prognosis of 2 years. I am happy to wake up every morning and determined to live more fully. Determined to be more open, determined to let courage trump my fears (though not quite ready to fly yet).

I am making long-term plans. One plan is to drive cross-country to visit my friend Linda on Whitby Island, WA. I have asked my sister, Faith, to go with me and she is considering it! We will be going on the cheap--staying in State parks when possible, buying food in grocery stores. Sooooo something BIG to look forward to!
Happy Thanksgiving All!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Towels

Designing my towels on the warping mill.

Winding my warp

The first striped towel

And a plaid towel

Now only 14 more to go...I need to hire someone to weave because I have so many ideas in my head and not enough time in my day.

Enjoy the weekend!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Fabulous Weekend!!

The weather has been amazing here--in the high 50s during the day and I have been riding, riding, riding! Dommie is full of beans since I've been working him and a little feisty out in the field because he wants to RUN! I keep reminding him that I'm an old lady...Next Friday we are off to my trainer's barn with the two horses for a week of lessons! I have a friend who will ride Duke. I can't wait. I'm so excited. We did this last November but I was ill and didn't realize how sick I really was! But this November I have some energy so it should be wonderful to really work! And in her indoor arena Dommie settles down...I was riding the other day with another friend and she looked at me and asked me why I carried a crop...ha ha ha...She told me she didn't think I needed it for speed! Actually I just need it to move his butt over occasionally...Now if only I could get him skinny enough for my dressage saddle...I can see from the pictures that my legs are too far forward...hmmm, lots of things to work on next week!

I've got my student coming this morning so I'm off to put on another towel warp and thread the warp I've got on for scarves!

Our 22nd wedding anniversary! Out to dinner, bottle of wine, home to a movie...ahhhh...

Here's to a great week!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Towels are Done!!

The towels are still attached to the loom and my house is not long enough to stretch out the material without doubling it back!

Hemmed, pressed and folded towels

Yay! Finished my towels--turns out there was enough warp for 16 of them so it's a good thing I like 'em! Happy crayon colors! Even though I really copied the colors from napkins in the Yarn Barn catalog I am pleased with them. I don't usually do that but the colors just called to me. I needed something bright and cheerful to work on. And today is our wedding anniversary--22 years! YAY! Gary woke up this morning and said "Well, 22 years of wedded bliss!" I said, "Wedded BLISS???" He said, "Well, hmmm, we made it 22 years and alot of it was good!?" Oh yeah, gotta love him! AND he is really my rock--I think he is the nicest guy in the world...I, however, am not always so nice. Oh well, I'm working on it!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Towels and Counting Problems!

I recently received a new catalog in the mail from the Yarn Barn in Kansas and saw a wonderful towel kit advertised. I loved the color mix and since I have tons of cones of cotton I knew I could make this one without the kit using a broken twill threading...
Somewhere along the line my brain stopped counting threads. What was supposed to be 4 equal colored 4" stripes with smaller inch stripes between them turned out to be 3 equal stripes and one not so equal...hmmm...chemo brain still with me?? or is it just that I haven't woven towels in a while preferring to design scarves?? Well, I have 12 towels to weave off and can't really fix that red/pink stripe. I know, that orange stripe looks skinny too but is 4" really! Sooooo I guess I will be using these towels for gifts and hope that the recipients like them anyway! I still like the colors and the texture is fabulous even though I haven't taken any off the loom and washed them yet. And, hey, we all make mistakes, right??
xo Cait