Friday, October 28, 2011

October Morning Scarf...

YAY! I got one of these off the loom, washed, ironed, photographed and loaded onto Etsy! A good day...though the whole day I kept thinking I should be riding cause the sun was out. But this tiredness is hard to overcome some days...And the Dr. said just eat right and exercise and your immune system will kick in. Hmmm...having a hard time forcing myself outside.

I was so in love with this scarf that I took pictures before washing which I never do. I love the yarns that make up the fringe!

I even like it crumpled up.

Washed, ironed and in the sun!

Thank you Velma for the inspiration!

Barn work this weekend. Maybe a ride (ok I will, I will!). Lunch with some former triangle weaving students who are driving 1 1/2 hours to see me! I'm honored!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

Gary and I walked to the pond yesterday to get kindling...we take big feed bags and fill them with little branches and store them in the barn for the wood stove. Mieux went with us though she really likes to be carried and complains all the way! Here she is blissed out on Gary's jacket!

filling up the bag...

my horse trail through the woods...

down to the mucky pond. The beavers (which are gone now) plugged up the outlet pipe and now the pond is not flowing and has risen quite a bit. So we are cutting a channel and lowering it until we can actually find the pipe. Then somehow we will have to ream it out since it is filled with mud. At least living here we will never run out of things to do!!!!

wouldn't want to go swimming here... I've seen lots of snapping turtles. We also have a blue heron who likes to visit as well as a piliated woodpecker, coyotes, occasional ducks (though I think the turtles get them), deer, turkeys and lots of smaller animals.

on the way back the last daisy!

Have a lovely week!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Posts are in!!!

Posts are done...level, straight and mostly in the right place!

Father and son working together.

Alex, taking a banana bread break with Mieux.

One more row to set!

Finished last night just before dark!

And the sun came out this morning! And Dommie and I had a good ride! Life is good!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Scarves...

Newest warp...this scarf was inspired by Velma (an incredible artist) and her morning pictures. There was such a delicacy of color there and soon this warp will be a scarf "October Morning." Full of wondrous texture and subtle (for me!) color--I can't wait to weave this one!

Warp on the warping mill before being transferred to the loom.

And my newest finished scarf "Intrigue." Not so subtle! Love the drama!

and the yummy fringe!

I've been trying to pace myself lately because of fatigue. I have a little pancreatic cancer group here and since we lost two I've been tired. And unfortunately we have two a dad of a friend and the other I haven't met yet. So I'm off for a nap on this rainy day and I'll weave more tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weaving, weaving, weaving...

Took a break from the barn building because Gary is tired and designed two warps, put one on and wove one scarf from the first one...made enough warp for three scarves from each warp, no cuffs this time because I'm falling behind in my sewing the cuffs and still have a bunch to make...

Sunshine and Shimmer III

And another name yet but very dramatic!

I love my warps!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Barn Henge and Weekend Guests...

Barn Henge...Thank you, Harold, for dragging and dropping the poles into the holes with your bobcat!

Dick came to do Duke and Dom's feet...

Fabulous weekend...Noah came sister Meg and her partner, Darlene, brought my Mom up for a short visit from NH...Alex actually stayed home...

We worked on the barn, we wove a towel, AND we rode the horses. Meg had never been on a horse and was a little afraid of them but Duke won her over and we actually got her to ride. Darlene rode with me after out to the field. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of us riding...

Here's my Mom weaving!!!! I think she had fun!

Alex, Noah, and friend Isaiah setting posts with Meg's help...

Gary and Alex putting up the first board (loft height) on the barn...Unfortunately all our company is gone now and we are on our own to finish plus whatever help Alex can give between school and work...I better get some rest!!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barn update...

Harold (builder extraordinaire) with his bobcat drilling holes for our pole barn!

24 holes...

4 1/2 feet deep...

Harold is letting Gary use his machine! Too bad that shortly after this it started pouring and hasn't really stopped...

Tomorrow poles are being delivered and Harold will come back and help us set them. YAY progress!

Daily wrestling match...Magic (Adam's 4 yo kitty) and Ballou (10?). Usually Ballou heads for higher ground when Magic gets too rambunctious but she was into it yesterday...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saranac Lake and Remington Art Fair...

Driving to Saranac Lake to see an allergist about those hives. Total waste of time but the ride was, as always, gorgeous. Early morning...leaves just beginning to change...mist over everything, radio playing, coffee. Nice alone time.

The Remington Art Fair in Canton, NY last weekend. I, of course, forgot to take pictures right in the beginning so here it looks a little empty halfway through (but that's so good, right?). And I met up with so many old friends and artists I haven't seen in a while. It was really a wonderful day.

Hats, cuffs...

Potholders (!) Sold a bunch!

And I got inventory done and tagging done because of the fair so now I'm ready for Christmas on Etsy! Except I have to weave more cause I sold stuff...

Happy October!!