Monday, May 24, 2010

New Triangle Scarf (almost)!!

Well, I started this last week with some rayon tape I bought at my favorite yarn shop in Canton, NY, Linsie Woolsie. The color is not showing up as well as I would like--it is a beautiful, fresh, light seafoam with ribbons of my hand-dyed cotton/rayon tape. I will try to finish it tomorrow and perhaps I can photograph it on Katie on the weekend and put it on Etsy to sell! All my triangle scarves that sell on Etsy have a percentage of the profit going to cancer research. A subject now dear to my heart!!
My third round of chemo started today. I'm looking forward to being done!! It makes me tired though my dr. thinks I need to talk to someone because maybe I'm tired because I'm depressed. I don't really feel depressed--but starting to second-guess myself. Hmmmmm. I am alone too much during the day though so I asked a friend from MA to come visit. That should be fun AND she will help me cook. Doesn't get better than that!
xo Cait

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Noah is off to Hawaii!

Finally, Noah gets to take a break from his old parents! He has been subbing at the high school whenever he can during his "gap" year and now he is off to HI to visit his big brother Adam on Kauai! And even though I do not like to fly, I am feeling envious seeing all his pictures! What an amazing landscape! No wonder I'm having a hard time talking Adam and Alicia back to the states! Well, I'm off tag-saleing with my good friend Edie (though I have been meaning to empty my house of junk instead of buying!) BUT we are only looking! Right?? And then if there is any energy left I will ride Dommie so I can feel that I've gotten some exercise!
xo Cait
P.S. I would recognize those hairy legs anywhere, Noah!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Birthday Party!

What a fabulous 61st birthday I had! It was Mother's Day and the day before chemo so I had some energy. Noah cooked the entire meal consisting of chicken tenders with scallions and maple syrup glaze, some puffs, roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic and a big birthday cake with chocolate mint chip ice cream inside! While I still can't eat much it was delicious! My boys gave me a book filled with 61 reasons why they love me! WOW! Some were little stories and some just a line. Noah had been collecting these from the other two for some time and typed them up and got it printed locally. Needless to say there were tears over this! Adam had one of his gorgeous photographs from Hawaii printed on canvas. So now I have an ocean view from the kitchen! Alex stopped by before he had to work for a quick visit and a big hug! I am really the luckiest Mom!
I had chemo yesterday and a shot to boost my white blood count today. Not feeling great but I'm sure in a couple of days it will be better. I just finished my second round! YAY! Four more rounds to go.
xo Cait