Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Triangle Weaving Class!

It was a gorgeous day, sunny and bright and my kitchen was filled with creative women working, working, working!!!  This time I made up packages with three colors of precut yarn and they all got to pick what they liked.  I love choosing color combinations and this way I knew their scarves would turn out ok.  And they were all happy! Plus the yarn sources up here are few (like Jo-Ann's and a little variety store downtown).  I make trips to Webs in Northampton MA and come back loaded so there is lots to choose from.

Regan (She is a lefty which is why she is weaving the other way!) starting out with chunky blues and greens...

Shirley with blues and purples...

Georgia working in reds with some of my hand-dyed...

Kathy brought her knitting yarns...

Nancey is on her 5th or 6th scarf and brought over the one she is currently working on!   She had to leave before she finished so I didn't get a picture of her wearing it.




Honestly, they were working so hard and talking so little it was a good thing I had music playing!  Very industrious group!  Finished a good hour or so ahead of schedule.  At least Nancey was here in the morning and I got caught up with some of the local news.

And Noah is safely in Australia...sounds like he misses us a little...was supposed to be camping the past four days but they couldn't because of a typhoon and flooding.  Nice.  Not that I worry...

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  1. Cait, you know I'd be a student of your's if I could only make it to your neck of the woods. This looks like a blast!