Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Wrap-up

Well, it has been an amazing month!  Loved visiting with Adam, Alicia and meeting Ava for the first time...After four wonderful days we went off to see my 91 yo Mom.  Three of my sisters (missed you, Faith!) came up and some nephews and nieces and a brother for a potluck.  And after one overnight we said a tearful goodbye and off they went to Alicia's Mom and relatives.  I am beyond thrilled that they made that enormous effort to see everyone with the baby. 

Alex, Noah, Ava, Cait, Gary, Alicia and Adam

Mom with Ava at 6 weeks

4 generations

OK...enough.  I miss them but life here goes on.  I've been putting on baby blankets on my 8-harness...Pictures will follow but right now I'm having trouble with my computer loading pics...One of my nephews is having boy/girl twins in October so I better get busy.  I had the boy blanket threaded and sleyed and when I started to weave it I realized that it was threaded completely wrong.  I don't know what is wrong with my brain.  Honestly, I was disgusted with myself especially since I have made this pattern before.  Can I still blame chemo????  Anyway, I backed everything off and redid it and now all is well.  I'm also knitting washcloths to give as gifts at Christmas.  They sell these on Etsy for like 3 for $9.  Really??!!!!!  It takes me three hours to make one!  These people must be crazy amazing knitters, that's all I can say.

 Oh...And I got Gary to hang the doors I have been saving for years.  We bought a rail to go on a barn door and the hardware and I spray painted them black.  This opening is too wide for one door so I thought this was a perfect solution for a guest room upstairs.  I also cut translucent plastic to put on the panes of glass for privacy.  Ran out before I did the top ones but I don't think it matters.  And I'm very happy with the look.  Also made MORE curtains with more painter's drop cloth.  The room worked out very well for the visit.  Now I think Noah will move in there because he is not home very often and he is neat and I can still use it for a guest room when he is at school.  Then we will move Gary's office to Noah's very small room.  Trim out the windows under those drop cloth curtains. Turn Gary's old office downstairs into a porch so I can see the horses...and finish the barn.  That's all.  Makes me want to take a nap.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hay Delivery!

Sam and Cyd came with hay!  An unexpected pleasure!

Driven by Allysa and her Dad, Ray

So handsome!

So nice that Ray farms with his horses!  But he has sold his farm and they have to be out by sad.  They are off to Maine where they can make a lot more selling milk there than upstate NY.  We will dearly miss them!

Will leave you with some pictures of our sweet Ava...of course.  Here till Thurs. morning then off to great gramma's in NH and then to Alicia's Mom's house for the rest of their trip.  They are totally exhausted sleeping in two hour shifts, jet lag, baby off-schedule.  Today is a down day.  Not much going on...I'll encourage them to nap with Ava.  Meanwhile I'm dealing with tons of least.
Alex even babysat while we all went to the store!

Noah and sleeping Ava...

Ava and Nana...


Friday, September 7, 2012


Adam, Alicia and Ava are coming tomorrow...I just had to post these pictures.  Please forgive...I'm a new Nana and madly in love.

Adam and Ava

First week...just home from the hospital

Adam, Alicia and Ava
I need to get off this computer and bake stuff or cook stuff or clean stuff...  I cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday.  OMG I don't even know what all that stuff was originally!  I think we were only using 1/3 of the space because the rest of the space was being used as a science experiment.  Then the oven.  I couldn't see through the glass.  So I went on Pinterest and found something I had pinned--use baking soda mixed with water and smear it on.  Wait 10 min and wipe off!  It was MAGIC!   I have finished with the guest room.  We hung doors, I made drapes (even though the windows are not framed out).  I still have to do laundry because Noah is coming home tonight and he will have more laundry and with a baby...
In fact I have so much to do I think my mind is frozen.  Oh and dinner menues, vacuuming, I can't see the top of the dining room table... is it time for wine yet???
I'm wicked excited!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Barn is Officially OPEN!

Not finished but we put the horses in!!!  And they seem very happy.  The only problem so far is that the barn door is situated to Dommie's left on his blind side so for him to see he has to turn his head ackwardly but he isn't in his stall that often and I am sure he will get used to it...meanwhile there is some grass in their new paddock and they are happy campers!!!!

Even though poor Duke has an abscess in his right hind hoof...Giving him bute and today he is looking better.  We tried soaking it with epson salts and warm water but he kept kicking over the pan...Will retry tonight since he seems so much better today.  It was probably just too sore to mess with the other day.
Meanwhile I'm cleaning and making a guest room where I used to do my dyeing upstairs.  I'll get pictures but I need to surprise Noah who is coming home Friday night first.  I think I'm nesting and wish I could keep all my boys and grandbaby and Alicia around or at least on the east coast.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicken Wrangling!

Just had to get a video of Gary and Alex rounding up the chicks for the night.  Most of the chicks go in on their own but there are a couple of roosters that are highly independent.  Gary made a chicken catcher with a piece of hanger and a pole to catch their legs...seems to work better than my method of chasing them into the tall grass and diving for them.  They are quick little things!

Meanwhile I am cleaning and making curtains and thinking of menues because Adam, Alicia and Ava are COMING!!!  On Saturday for dinner and staying until Thursday.  I'm probably going to follow them down to Keene, NH and take pictures of my Mom with her newest great grandchild.  They they will go on to Worchester, MA and I will stay a couple of days with Mom, visiting, crying because they left...

Meanwhile, hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!  Happy Barbeque All!!