Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning--Done!

 Ohhhh...this is my workroom/storeroom before.  Things just got piled and thrown in there.  Broken things, half-done things, old things (see that football helmet??!!!  My brother's and he is 65 yo. sigh), broken looms, cones of thread, boxes of yarn, knitting, etc.  What can I say...I'm not the neatest person.  But it was getting to me.  I couldn't find anything and reorganizing this mess was daunting to say the least.  And it was draining all my creativity because I spent more time looking for things than actually doing.

Sooooo a good friend (thank you, Katie) offered to help and we purged, and cleaned and moved and hauled and brought my sewing stuff downstairs from yet another mess of a room and I went to Ikea in Canada and bought those wire basket thingies (they cost $30 for both!) and put a table top on them.  Finally a place for my serger and sewing with storage.
 Gary put up some make-shift shelves for the wide stuff.  And I had enough room in the middle (I know, hard to believe) for a table so I can lay out stuff (like little girl dresses!)...This is a tiny 8 x 10 foot room off the living room and it has a door.  So even though it isn't pretty, it is now very functional!

 OK then all the weaving stuff had to go somewhere so I took over the playroom which was sort of empty since Noah finished it.  Another purchase at Ikea was those black shelves, turned on their sides, making another table with storage.  And I'm going to buy a door and paint it black and turn the whole thing into a dyeing station. 

We moved my big, heavy, 8-harness, Macomber loom from the living room into the corner where it is very happy and I can see, for the first time, all my yarns.  And I can fit all my fancy, expensive yarns in the bins...

This totally has helped me feel more relaxed and peaceful.  It was a huge task taking days of work but I know where things are and I love my new loom room.  Been thinking lately of making some cotton scarves...hmmm...


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sewing Dresses for the Baby!

Now that I've just about finished cleaning up my act around here I found some cute fabric and ordered a pattern for a wrap/reversible dress from even tho I know I'm supposed to be weaving.  I think I need a break.

My granddaughter isn't actually born yet (mid-July is the due date) but a girl can't be too well dressed and I needed the lead time since I haven't really sewn anything is so long!  This pattern is the Emma Dress and I fell in love.  I used the 6-month size since I remember they outgrow that newborn stage so fast.  And I intend to make 2 more to take to the virtual baby shower June 10.  Virtual because my DIL and son live in Hawaii...

A tiny pinwhale corduroy on the inside and everything soft as can be!  I'm off to hunt up more fabric scraps.  So much fun sewing for a little girl!  Too bad the only fabric shop is 45 min. away and Noah has my van everyday.  However my Mom, who is 91, is almost ready to give up her car--a '92 Honda with 60,000 miles on it--to Noah and that will ease my life so much!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Merry, Merry Month of May!

Well, May went flying by.  I've been so busy there has been no time to blog.  Early in May I went to Camp Bravehearts in the Adirondacks for a weekend of challenges.  This is an oncology camp for women and I have to say full of the most amazing women EVER!!!  Last year I watched as women older than I am climbed up on the high ropes course.  This year I actually climbed the cargo net.  Oh my god.  You can't believe how high this is.  I know, the pictures don't really give you an idea but...halfway up I decided I had been brave enough but thanks for one of the staff on the platform I decided that maybe I could climb high enough to touch the platform.  Not actually get ON the platform but reach up and touch it.  Terrifying, really.  Even with a harness.  It totally doesn't matter having a harness on.  sigh.  But I was happy with what I did because heights do strange things to me.  AND maybe next year a platform!?  They sort of sway in the breeze and are very, very small...

Climbing the cargo net on the high ropes course

Well, I touched the platform...

The high ropes course at Camp Bravehearts.
Then it was my birthday.  Can I say that I'm happy to have another one!!!!!!!!!!  In fact getting older is great with me and I'm feeling healthy! 

Then...are you bored yet?  Alex graduated.  Twice.  Once from Clarkson with his degree in Engineering...(I am so proud of him!)

 and once from SUNY Potsdam with his degree in physics.  I'm thrilled.  He also has a job for the summer doing research and grad school in the fall.  And his Victoria graduated, too. 
Victoria and Alex graduating from SUNY Potsdam today!!!
So.  Finally home and hiding inside because the temperature is probably 97 in the sun.  And while we were in the shade during graduation, the kids were frying out in the sun for hours!  But they look happy anyway!

And through all of this I have been revamping my work spaces and cleaning out old stuff.  Moving looms, going through boxes and boxes.  It was so bad that I could not work on anything until I did this.  I have figured out that I am officially a hoarder.  omg.  Please someone get me a dumpster.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blue and White Towels

Had to start something new for the spring...and I'm taking a trip in late June to see my brother and SIL in Boulder and I want to take them some towels. I figure if she doesn't like these she can always re-gift them! So working on 12 of these and will do some of these as stripes and some as plaids. Will list what I don't give away on Etsy.

Winding on my warping mill

Winding on the back beam

Threading through the headles

Reed sleyed and beginning to tie on

Back of the loom

So I've only woven two towels so far because I decided to do some spring cleaning.  And take everything out of my "work room" which has really become a store room and a dump.  I'm taking over the playroom for a weaving room and turning my work room into a sewing room and moving looms out of the living room.  phew...a lot of work but I'm finding things I thought missing for good.  I have to admit when I'm working and creating all semblance of order goes out the window.  To say nothing about not organizing for the past several years while I was sick.  So I'm getting rid of stuff I don't need and giving lots to one of my weaver friends to use and I'm already feeling a lot lighter! 

I'm off to Camp Bravehearts this weekend.  A weekend camp for women who have had cancer!  I went last year and I can't wait to get there again!  Full of amazing and wonderful women!  All ages, shapes, colors...cancer does not discriminate.  A weekend full of healing, hugs, good people, fresh air, good food, wine, music...I'll take pictures!!