Monday, August 31, 2009

Front Page Etsy!!

Wow, I woke up this morning to find that my Summer Garden cuff had been on the Front Page of Etsy this morning!!! Thank you for putting me in her treasury! WooHoo!!!!! And check out her gorgeous mosaic work which I totally love!
I am thinking of featuring one artist a week as my favorite...especially since I am not so sure that blogging about just my weaving is all that exciting! :) And speaking of featuring...I am featured on a wonderful blog by Cindy Yount who is a calligraphy and graphic artist on Etsy. Please check out as well as her shop at If you ever need cards for that special someone she is the one!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Triangle Weaving - Video

Ahhhh, middle son Alex goes back to college today. Lucky for us he is going to Potsdam State so we get to see him! Youngest (Noah) is taking a year off before starting college at Skidmore and thinking of hiking part of the Appalachian Trail maybe in Massachusetts and Connecticut before winter or if that doesn't work flying to Hawaii to be with his oldest brother Adam who is working for the Hyatt on Kauaii and who also hiked through W. Virginia a couple of years back with his fiance, Alicia! Nice to be young and carefree!

I, meanwhile, keep the home fires burning and miss them all!! Am almost finished with another triangle scarf...this time in neutrals with thinner yarns, mostly rayon. It should turn out to be very silky and drapey instead of thick and warm. We'll see!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Triangle Scarf

Katie came over yesterday so I could photograph some triangle scarves for Etsy! And then we went riding and she is much harder on me (and Dommie) than I am on myself...a little sore today!!! But Dommie is too fat and that isn't healthy for him soooo I have to get out there every day as well as restricting his grass intake! And the weather has changed so it's cool and refreshing. Now where did I put those vitamins!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Triangle Weaving

Just thought I would post pictures of the triangle scarf I was weaving in my booth pictures...I don't have my model over to photograph yet but here it is hanging in the booth, me sewing it up the sides, and carefully taking it off the nails!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from Clayton!

Wow, it's so good to be home, back in my routine!!! Yesterday after the weekend show in Clayton, I was wiped...We drove back and forth every day, including Friday to set up (about 3 hours total) and I stood for two days on cement! phew...But it was a good show and I wove a triangle scarf over the two days and took it off last night! And I love seeing the vendors I've known for years and catching up. I also had lots of repeat customers and lots of great feedback on their previous purchases as well as new sales!!!! So a big success! AND I came home to a couple of sales on Etsy as well...soooooo! I have to weave, weave, weave and make up more inventory!

Thank you all for your good wishes!!!
These pictures show the booth as we set up but I did move the skinny box out (to behind the curtain) to give me more room to weave on the triangle loom which is hanging and we put a rug down to make it more homey! I also received my jewelry stands in the mail on Saturday so my cuffs and pendants were hung in style on Sunday at least!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finished cuff

So far I've finished two scarves and strips for cuffs from that warp I've been working on! Here is one of the cuffs (which is already sold to a sweet etsy friend in Maryland!). I love the way it turned out and I can't wait to make more! But today is packing day for my craft fair in Clayton and I took some things off Etsy...Hopefully I will sell lots! Meanwhile I am featured on two blogs! Please take a look at ! Alyssa features new artists everyday! And her Etsy store is wonderful-- And Natalie on also featured my work! Check out her store at ! I'm honored to be in both of these! Below is a picture of a shawl which I haven't loaded on Etsy yet. Uses all hand dyed rayon/cotton threads and the drape is amazing!!

And I might as well include my horses here in their fly masks! It is so hot and humid today everyone is miserable!! But at least the grass is growing and I've got hay in the barn! Yay!!
Happy Friday everyone!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cuffs off the loom!

One scarf off and all the weaving for the cuffs is finished though I am beginning to have weaving buildup and none of my new cuffs are made yet!! This week is going to be a little hectic because my big two-day craft fair in Clayton, NY is this weekend and we set up Friday afternoon. I don't even have my stuff tagged! Looks like weaving is done for now and I have to remember to bring an iron to the show because no matter how well I pack, things get wrinkled!! I'm also bringing a triangle loom to hang up and work on--I love doing it and it helps during the slow times!

1 scarf and some lengths for cuffs washed and drying!
Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weaving Cuffs

Ahhh, Tuesday! Before I go off to do chores I wanted to share a video my Noah took yesterday when I was weaving cuffs. The process is a slow one but at the end there isn't any waste of my precious threads!! I will end up with two lengths each of which will be divided into three colors to make six cuffs.

Monday, August 17, 2009

An autumn scarf

So far this is a no-name scarf! It has rich, autumnal colors and I've woven one scarf using my coppery thread and haven't taken it off the loom yet because I'm weaving two lengths for skinny cuffs (one with copper and one with verdigris green thread and I might change that) and maybe one wide cuff (with I don't know what?) then I will take all of that off the loom and weave 3 more scarves. I'm feeling way behind now though because I haven't finished my blue/green chenille scarves and I have a long wide piece in reds to weave on my big loom. AND it is in the 90s this week and I'm melting!!!
Meanwhile I hope everyone has a happy Monday!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weaving Video

OK Here I go...hope I can load this! I rode this morning with a friend and I have a weaving meeting this afternoon but just had to see if this video thing works!! I'm weaving off the last of my Sunshine Shimmer scarves!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Etsy Front Page

OMG My cuff made the front page of Etsy yesterday afternoon!! I am beyond thrilled! It feels amazing to live in this tiny town in upstate NY where almost everyone knows me and where my work is pretty much taken in stride to being projected over the internet to the world!! WOW! I was on the FRONT PAGE OF THE WORLD!! phew...I feel wonderful!

While it was raining yesterday the sun was out and I took a rainbow picture (so fit my good mood!) and my husband (Gary) also took a tiny video of me weaving the last of my Sunshine and Shimmer scarves but I am having trouble loading it up so I will ask my Noah this morning. Actually what I do is probably pretty boring and repetitive to most people but I love designing and then seeing the fabric grow before my eyes and hands! So today I am in love with my life!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I'm still asleep but couldn't sleep, you know? I tried and tried because I knew I didn't have to get up this early even to do chores I am starting the day with Etsy and my blog and my coffee. ahhhh...

It's hot and sticky already and I took a picture of the barn last night and my outdoor arena beyond it just because it's beautiful! We have had so much rain it is a jungle up here and the grass needs to be mowed every four days or so! And the bugs are driving the horses crazy even with masks on and spray so they spend most of their day standing in the barn where it is cool and dark. Riding has been tricky because they are constantly biting at their chests at the horrible bugs! Found a friend to ride with on Thursday morning but we'll have to get out really early.
Took one of my Sunshine & Shimmer scarves off the loom and already sold it! Wow they are popular! I have two more on the loom and I think I will try to design a S & S scarf II. Hopefully I will have enough stuff without dyeing anything! It's too hot upstairs to work for any length of time so I am waiting until fall to do any dyeing!
Off to do chores! Hope everyone has a marvelous and creative day!! xoxo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunshine and Shimmer scarves

Well, I have duplicated the warp for my Sunshine and Shimmer scarves which I have not done before mostly because I never seem to have enough of the same fibers. But this time...yay!! So I will have three more scarves, one wide cuff and three skinny cuffs. I just took off the cuffs and one scarf (that scarf is already promised on Etsy!!) and they have been washed and are drying.
Soooo I know the warp doesn't look like the final product here but when I weave it with my coppery tencel thread it just shimmers and I love it!!
My warp on the warping reel... Winding on the loom
Winding, winding... And weaving 2 different color cuffs
Tomorrow sewing, snaps, photographing!! Hopefully there will be some sun and I can get good photographs...then maybe loading onto Etsy if there is time!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finished scarf!

I finally finished one chenille scarf! Actually I would have done more but I had overnight guests (cousin and family from Texas!) and my 18 yo had a violin recital and my neighbors are gone for a week and I am taking care of their horses as well! So my time on the loom became shorter. Right now it's Sat morning 8:00 am and everyone else is asleep. I'm sneaking in a bit of Etsy time as well as blog time before I do chores. I love this quiet time...the sun is shining, it is in the 70s and not too muggy...lovely! I only got one good photograph of my newest scarf because the only room in the house that faces east and has a huge dormer window is our bedroom and the color is sort of a robin's egg blue and the photos of the scarf just blued out and looked awful so I guess later I might hang a sheet. I love photographing in that room because the light is so lovely but there are certain colors that just don't work!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Soft Stained Glass series

I'm off to weave my chenille scarves. The warp is designed and the loom is dressed. Now to wind 7 bobbins with the 7 colors and get down to work! The problem with me is that I love the designing. I love the warping. I love to dress the loom. I love seeing my looms humming with potential AND I love to weave the first scarf. Then I want to design something else so I end up with my three working looms loaded with unwoven thread waiting for me to finish them! Because it is so time-consuming to warp I have to load the looms with at least three scarves (usually 4) to make it worthwhile. Where are my little weaving minions?? hmmm. Enough procrastinating... (but maybe I can play on Etsy for a while, or make an Etsy treasury, or check my email...)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Morning Chores

I'm up early to do chores but I wanted to work a little on the computer and I don't think my horses expect me this early so I thought I would load a couple of pictures of my indoor animals! We are kittysitting Magic (black) for a couple of years while my son and his fiance are working and living in Kauai. Lucy (gray) is our 12 yo cat we got from the shelter 11 years ago--she has a bit of an attitude even after living with us that long! Balou (part seal point) is our baby though she is 8 yo. Very gentle and lovey and mellow. She loves wrestling with Magic and they chase each other all over the house like kittens. Magic is the youngest and loves attention and plays in her water dish...I keep all the cats out of the spare room where I store my woven work but can't guarantee that someone won't be sensitive! And my dog, Obi! He is a little rescue we acquired 4 years ago...we think he is about 8 yo. He is a peekapugapoo mutt who is adorable and loves everyone!

Now to wake up the horses and clean stalls before it rains!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Finishing the Pretty in Pink series!

Finally got to photograph the scarf in this I can post on Etsy. I still have two more scarves to weave before I can use this loom (my other looms are also full) and I'm already excited about my chenille scarves and adding to my Soft Stained Glass series! I've started making that warp and will post it tomorrow but today I'm torn because it is such a beautiful day and I promised myself I would finish the pink scarves but........OK maybe I'll finish one scarf and go play with the horses around 5 or so when it cools a little! I guess it's leftovers for dinner! Yay!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Won!

I just found out that I won a drawing for beautiful earrings given away by ! She just notified me that she got 100 fans on her facebook fanpage so she had a drawing and her husband drew my name! A big thank you from me to Unjung! Please visit her shop and check out her lovely jewelry and scarves! Unjung also has a blog (On her blog is the greatest wedding video Ever--not hers!) I had so much fun perusing her blog--hope you do too!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Morning

Slept in this morning till 9:00!! Poor hungry horses (poor hungry very fat horses). Have a whole list of things to do including brushhogging my horse trails in the field because if I don't cut down the grass some the bugs are awful for the horses. I just finished some pink cuffs which have to be photographed (AND the sun is out! yay!) and I'm working on the "Pretty in Pink" scarves.

I was just contacted by a shop in Saratoga, NY for consignment and I'm thinking about checking them out because next year my 18 yo will be going to Skidmore, which is in Saratoga (he has deferred for a year to make some money for school). I don't want to get over stressed keeping too many shops supplied but I might give up one of my galleries in I'm thinking. Also thinking about how busy I might be before Christmas. I love Christmas and I love all the preparations and the decorating and the baking but when that is the time of year everyone buys it can get crazy around here and I get crabby!
But for now I'm taking the day off Etsy and weaving and working outside. The air is nice, it's not too hot and not too muggy. And maybe this evening I will have time to play with the horses!