Friday, August 16, 2013

Empty Nest, Fiddling Party and More...

Had a party for the boys going away.  Alex off to his first apartment with Victoria and Noah leaving Sunday for Skidmore and his senior year.  So some good friends, some music, good food, some wine, 
some dancing in the kitchen.  Bittersweet.

Noah on fiddle, Mark on bodhran
 (Fay trying to get out of the picture).

Alex and Victoria in their Potsdam apartment!

Still feeling creative.  And Katie still helping me weave.
A lot of finish work to do...twisting fringe, tagging, 
photographing and loading onto Etsy.  Not yet.
Too early for fall yet.

Ellie had a lesson tonight.  Sunday she will have a lesson
with her saddle on...Soon we will ride.
Hmmmm...I think I need to join a gym or something.
I am realizing that I have been doing nothing but weaving
since last fall.  Uh oh.  My riding is going to suck...core strength?


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Farm Happenings

It's quiet here.  I am weaving like a crazy person because the weather has lightened up.  My wonderful farrier came for the horses.  Ellie is totally behaving herself.  

We had an excavator come to move some rocks in the driveway
so our plow guy in the winter will be happy.
He also took out a huge stump near the new barn.

Ahhh...Gary's garden.  I'm going to make little dolls out of the seedheads.
Though time is really getting away from me lately.

And today I went with a friend to Waddington which is on the
St. Lawrence River to a bass fishing festival.  
OK I didn't take any pictures of the festival
 but while we were walking around the little
 town I fell in love with a few brick houses...
would take more than we have to fix these old beauties up...
 Fell in love with the door...
 and all the detail.

and these window boxes on a different house...yup.
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Weaving...Stained Glass Series

As soon as the weather started to change I got some energy back.  I don't do well in that hot, sticky weather at all.  On top of that the sisters have been fussing and feuding over how to care for my 92 year old mother.  Should she go to assisted living?  Should we get someone to live with her?  Cut back on her medication, etc...and to add to the mix, there are only two sisters who are making decisions and the rest of us at times become frustrated that we are not being heard.  However, my Mom, when she was more aware, put these sisters in charge so that is the way of it right now...

Meanwhile I am weaving up a storm getting ready for Christmas and cold weather.  Still struggling over some very difficult towels which I have not photographed yet...I will wait until they are done.  But the chenille scarves totally delight me.  Wonderful to work with.  Soft to the hand.  And I have a weaver friend who is coming over to work for me for a while so I can get caught up.  (Thank you, Katie!)  I love making my warps and she loves to weave them off.  Though I weave also, I just can't keep up with my ideas, and I need to get ahead with my inventory.



 Beginning a multi-colored warp


The farrier is coming today for the horses...will try to remember to take some photographs!  And the trainer is coming tonight for Miss Ellie...we worked her last night and she was wonderful.  So progress on many fronts!