Saturday, September 28, 2013

September...'s been quite a month.  I have a show/sale next weekend so
mostly I've been weaving and organizing
and tagging and pricing, etc. all month.
 Scarf detail...
 Towels on the loom...
 Another scarf detail...

And we made butter
 Made 32 pounds of applesauce to freeze
Gary is building a deck for storing wood for heat

And I went to see my sweet Mom in NH.  My sister
Faith and her husband were there, too.
The second night I was there sleeping my Mom
wandered out to her screened-in porch and
got locked out of the house.  Luckily
there is a phone out there and she called
the operator who called the police.
Next thing I know there is a cop banging on
the door.  Sooooo...needless to say we now have
an awake night nurse staying with her every night.
But the next weekend she ended up in the hospital
with a blood sugar over 600.  Oh my god.
It really is a wonder that she is alive.
I think she is getting discharged today and
will have people checking in during the
day and making sure she eats properly.
It is so hard to be 6 hours away from her.

Isn't she totally adorable? 

Oh horse. 
I'm going to see if we can
find her another home. 
you were so right...
I see Miss Ellie more as
a hunter/jumper and she has way more
energy than I need.  I have put out the word
with my horse ladies and we'll see.
Meanwhile, I'm not telling my trainer because
he thinks I am giving up.  And for
a while I believed that but now I realize
that this should be fun and I am
not wanting to go out to the barn
anymore.  sigh.  But I still need him
to work with her so I'm keeping quiet.

So an eventful month and I haven't had
much time to even check in with my blog.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Empty Nest and Weaving...

So odd being without the boys.  Noah went back to
Skidmore for his senior year.
Alex got an apartment in town and is finishing
 up his graduate degree in Engineering.  
Me...I'm just weaving and wondering who I can get
 to vacuum this place.  I tend to clutter up
all the downstairs when I'm working
and usually Noah gets fed up with my bad
habits and picks up (and hides things, I'm convinced).
Alex is always good for a vacuum if I ask
(neither he nor his father would ever
notice that it was needed).

So.  Weaving like a crazy person.

My Soft Stained Glass series

Three of each all sitting in my "shop" and virtually on Etsy.

More warping going on and towels still to be finished
and already designing new towels because 
Christmas is coming, people!!


So, now you know why I haven't been blogging
 lately.  Having way too much fun weaving.

Ellie update:
She is coming along though she has a bit of 
an attitude at times.  As in no I don't feel like working. 
But I am persevering and the trainer is still coming.  
This morning for the first time I took her out by myself 
to the outdoor arena to lunge and she was not too happy.
Even though she got some hay before going out.  
And we will do the same tomorrow morning 
and the next morning and the next morning. 
Trainer dude coming tomorrow. 
 We'll see how much progress we have made.