Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weaving Day for Auction Winners!!

Winding the warp for towels on the warping mill for a total of 380 threads, 11 1/2 yards long.

Loom is dressed and ready for weaving

Two towels woven on the same loom with different colors

We had a wonderful day weaving!! And my two auction winners each went home with a towel they wove. Both colors were woven on the same warp and they were beautiful! We also designed another pink scarf (blog for another day!) and dressed another loom with that! And worked some on a triangle scarf in pink also! BUT my computer was down all day because the line was bad coming from the road! The cable company sent out a big bucket truck and they stopped traffic and ran another line for me! PHEW!!! Can't live without anymore--I was bereft!!!! But all is fine now and I can get caught up today on line! YAY!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Sounds like a very busy but exciting day! I know those two women had a blast working on the loom! How wonderful for them! And I'm glad your computer is back up on line... mine goes down sometimes when we have a bad storm (satellite connection) and it's so frustrating... especially when I'm in the middle of something!

  2. Thanks Rebecca and Xanna! It really was fun to spend the day with two wonderful women who are deep into fiber! YAY! They were interested and interesting as well! xo Cait

  3. this looks incredible, i'd love to try!
    kind thoughts

  4. It is an amazing craft, I think!! I have three people whom I will be teaching in the near future--when they can get small looms to bring over and I will try to take more pictures! You can come, too, meandering pearl!! xo :)