Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Horse Stuff...

Dommie didn't want to stop eating for his photo yesterday...but Duke wanted to sniff the camera and followed me all over the field while I tried to get his portrait! And I managed to sneak in a picture of Gary after he planted his garlic for next year! We originally bought Duke for a companion horse for Dom and for Gary to ride (a husband horse) but he has only ridden him twice in 1 1/2 I am always trying to find a kind person to exercise him! He is very good, however, about being left behind and calmly stands in his stall waiting for us to come back...he doesn't have a lot of drama in him, which is wonderful!!
Riding is my outlet and a dream of mine since I was little--I didn't start taking lessons until I was in my 40s and then had to deal with the fear factor. But I have come a long way--I love dressage and trail riding (Dommie likes trail riding better than dressage!) and try to ride whenever the weather and/or bugs permit!! Horses were the bribe my husband used to get me out of our lovely home in the Village of Potsdam and into the boonies to a wreck of a farmhouse which we have been renovating for the past 15 years!! But life here is good and I am doing what I love to do!!
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Thank you, Julia!! I'm kinda partial to them all! :) xo

  2. Oh, Cait... thanks for sharing these photos and these thought-filled words about your life. Your horse babies are so, so pretty (need a portrait in oil?) and I just love what you said about Duke being patient in his stall for your return. So like an animal... faithful and constant. I'm happy for you that your life-long dream has become a daily reality! Sounds like it may be the truth for Gary too!

  3. I love the speckled one, he's so pretty! I love horses, however I was one of those kids who was terribly allergic to them and nearly everything else around me, so I could only dream about them and live vicariously through others, thank you,
    Xanna :)

  4. Cait....I would LOVE LOVE to come ride Duke!!! Thank YOu for sharing your dream made reality story of living where you do now!! You have done what I can only dream of doing at this time, right down to the "husband horse" because I have already thought of that as well. I will own the big black mare, "Raven" and my husband will have "Paco", the little brown and white pony.....
    teee heee
    :) Kristin