Friday, August 3, 2012

My First Grandbaby...Ava Marie Kailani Serra!!!

My oldest, Adam, called me 2:30 am Aug. 2 to tell me his daughter was born...It was a hard long labor.   Alicia was two weeks overdue, had to be induced...after a day they gave her a spinal so she could rest and the contractions became ineffective.  When I went to bed they still thought they could deliver naturally and she was dialating but ended up with a C-section.  AND that baby was 9.4 1/2 lbs!  We are just happy that mother and baby are fine!  Drama from afar!  Safely delivered!!

Alicia and Ava

Welcome to the world, Ava!  I wish I could hug you!


  1. Oh, she is so beautiful! Congratulations to your son and daughter in law and yourself for the new addition to the family!

    Our first grandchild was born this past April and is 3 months old already.... and coming to visit us next week! I'm so excited...

    Hugs, Susan

  2. congratulations to all!! your photos too, such a wonderful time of life... enjoy!

  3. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! She is absolutely beautiful! I love her name too! I'm so happy for your family!

    Take care,

  4. Cait-- what a precious group of photos of your beautiful beautiful grand daughter. You must thrilled to no end. Many congrats!! Welcome to Ava and best wishes to your son and daughter inlaw!


  5. Congrats! She's beautiful.
    Strange thing, my niece Alicia just had her first, a girl, 9 lbs something (not sure - haven't gotten official word yet) and was induced yesterday after being a week late.

  6. Whoever took those photos is very talented. They are great photos (and the fact that the baby is beautiful helps too!).

  7. Omigosh, being a grandparent is the best thing ever. You will get those hugs. My 4th is 6+ hours away. Kills me. Don't forget to set up skype. She can hear your voice & get to know you. After a little older they would set laptop by him & let me watch him play. He would hold things up to show me. What fun. And take the laptop to the table when they are older. They love to talk while they are eating a meal!! Congratulations

  8. Now we both have an Ava.........congrats! She is beautiful.

    And the barn, wow!! That is going to be some barn!!!
    What will you use the upstairs for? Hay?

  9. Congratulations dear Cait and to your whole family! What marvelous photos. Seeing that beautiful hug with Adam might be almost as wonderful as hugging her yourself. Might be..byt soon, hopefully, you'll see each other in person! What a beauty!Welcome Ava! xo

  10. She is beautiful, Cait! Congratulations to you all :)
    Are you going to be Nanna? Grandma? ...?

  11. huge congratulations, cait. glad all is well.