Thursday, August 30, 2012

Katie is Visiting!

Katie is back from Texas and border patrol for a visit!  And she came over for coffee and photographs...I have missed her so much...she is like a daughter!  Texas is just too far away!

Triangle scarf woven with respun silk sari material...

A free-form jacket--actually a little large for her...

One of the new cotton scarves woven with cotton and tencel

Triangle scarf woven with a bit of everything!
Another Triangle scarf woven with some cotton, silk, and a wonderful complex yarn called "Ziggy"
We had a wonderful afternoon and hopefully over the next week or so I will get these on Etsy.  But first I have to work on the Sunshine and Shimmer scarf which I just got on the loom...

Happy Thursday! xo

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  1. Such a beautiful woman who shows off your creations to perfection!