Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Barn Update...

So much progress has been made on the barn.  Roof is completed.  Upstairs flooring is being finished as I can afford wood.  Stalls are close to being done.  Leveling out the floors in the stalls so there are no gaps for hooves to get caught.  Leveling out the paddock, also.  All in 90+ degrees.  What great guys I have!!!

Noah putting on siding while Alex plays with Mieux...

Gary and Noah shovelling in the extreme heat!  And putting in fence posts for the paddock.

Inside view...two stalls almost ready...water ready for trough...still have to box in electric and connect...doors ready to be hung on stalls

Dommie's stall...

none too soon...the old barn is way past gone!  Started collapsing this past month...sigh. 

Cooler weather today--hope you are all enjoying it!


  1. Cait, this is such an endeaver, hard to imagine, and beautiful craftmanship!! It must smell wonderful inside.

  2. Cait I just LOVE your new barn design!!! Congrats on the progress!... I lost my blog roll recently and have been trying to remember the blog titles I've always followed.. glad you commented again :-)