Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soft Stained Glass Chenille Scarves

I have to empty my looms over the next couple of days because I have 2 people who won spending a day with me in an auction to raise money for our local arts council...that said I have to come up with a project for them to work on that is fairly easy and I will have them work also on designing a scarf! Of course I will photograph all of it!!! I have another person who won spending a day dyeing with me and I will be working on that too. Meanwhile here I am weaving away on my chenille scarves...almost finished the second one, then 2 more and one scarflette to go!

Later, since it is such a glorious day, I will be out riding Dommie in the fields and exercising both of us!! Went riding yesterday, leaving Duke at home, and Dom did really well except for crossing the scary had to dismount, drag him across, get back on, then he was fine--even crossed the scary bridge going the other way (because he knew he was going home! LOL).


  1. Wow... lucky two... what a fun way to spend the day, at least for them... working in the studio, seeing the process! Hope you all have a great time!


  2. Yeah but now I have to clean my house! Oh well, at least it needs it!! LOL!!

  3. Hi Cait! I'm happy to see you're following my blog, EtsyLounge. As a fellow fiber artist and Etsy seller (Katsarayarns) I want to say I've noticed your beautiful work and am an admirer of your creations and workmanship! Great blog you have here -- I'm following (privately for now because my blog roll is so cluttered.)
    Happy weaving!

  4. Hi Andria! Thanks for visiting!!! I remember when I first started on Etsy in February 09 your work really stood out from the rest!! Sooo beautiful! And I love the etsylounge--the artists are all so inspirational! Thanks for the compliments! Come back and visit! xoxo Cait

  5. Dear madame , dear Cait !

    I found your blog and i am so happy because your handmade work is just like a dream and your life too :)Natural , beautiful, warm :)

    You are on the way know ,I hope you will enjoy in your trip with your friends!

    Cheers from Paris