Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ripe Berries warp!

Ahhhh, this one is my new favorite! I know, I say that all the time but...the colors here call to me. I actually have one scarf woven but not photographed and I'm waiting for the sun to shift today to do it. Right now it is too bright! Actually it is another amazing day in the North Country--cool and crisp and sunny and beautiful! Yesterday was the same and a friend and I went on a long trail ride walking and trotting through fields, over the scary bridge--where Dommie will follow but will NOT go alone!--through the woods, onto a dirt road and back through fields and home again! It was wonderful and refreshing and Duke got to go out for once!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!! xo


  1. What gorgeous colours! I can see why they'd be calling to you. LOL I am a colour fanatic and find it so hard to look at some stuff where the colours just aren't quite right. Drives me nuts... However, your stuff is perfect. :-)

  2. Wow, Thanks!! I have gotten braver over the years and a little freer with color combinations! And I take it as a real compliment coming from you, Sybille!! xo

  3. Hi Cait!!
    I can't wait to see this listing... the colors are gorgeous!

    xo Laura

  4. Love these colors... so bright and festive! And your ride sounds so wonderful... what a great way to connect with the land and the season! Lucky you!

  5. Thanks Laura! Your teacups are beautiful!!
    Hi Rebecca! I was just revelling in the coolness of the weather and yesterday it turned 80! Go figure! But I love all the changes of the seasons!