Sunday, April 23, 2017


Today was the most beautiful day ever!  Sunny, warm, no bugs!  The horses were quiet but willing for their first ride of the season.  We went slowly so they wouldn't get sweaty because they have not completely shed out yet.  Just walk/trot in the arena to warm them up...over polls, etc.  Nothing very strenuous.  Then out the gate, down the dirt road, through the dry part of the woods past the pond and into the upper part of the field where it isn't too wet.

It was lovely.  I hope we can ride again tomorrow because the rest of my week is a little crazy.  Drs. appointments for me as well as a quick trip to Lake Placid with a friend on Wednesday, shots and teeth for the horses on Thursday.  Then I am off to oncology camp down by Lake George for the weekend!  And my youngest sister is joining me there because she had a melanoma taken out of her arm.  Camp Bravehearts is held 4 times a year though I only go to the April/May one.  Such a supportive group of women and the staff is all volunteers.  I hadn't been in several years because I considered myself healed and wanted to have someone new go in my place since they only take a certain number of women.  But after the lung cancer surgery I am in need of a little R & R.  

Django rolling after being brushed, ridden, and brushed again!  Of course.  

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