Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Student Work... and the ride that wasn't.

Such a good student!  Wove a little sampler with different colors and different treadling and even learned to weave with two shuttles!  We took it off and made another warp figuring out pattern repeats and thread counts and density...rolled it on...threaded the yarn in a pattern...sleyed the reed...and started weaving that.  So she will come back next week (some people have a real job) and finish her weaving.  Any mistakes you can see (don't look too hard) in this one are my mistakes in threading last night.  Might have been the wine, I don't know...

Oh yeah...went for a ride this morning with Linda (who boards her horse with me) and Sandy (who is a beginner and rides one of my horses).  Well...Sandy went off Dakota while we were in my field.  Dakota refused to be caught.  Spent a while walking through knee high wet grass.  Got close a couple of times.  Finally Linda rode back to the barn to get a bucket of grain.  Gary heard the horses yelling (ok mine was screaming in my ear).  Sandy and I started to walk back with Django in tow.  Dakota panicked and galloped past us, reins dangling.  Gary lowered the electric fence, showed Dakota the bucket and caught him while we were still trudging along.  So at least it was exercise.  And tomorrow Dakota is being worked in the ring until he turns and faces me and lets me approach and put on a halter.  For sure.  My boots are still squishy.


  1. That's quite beautiful, Cait (and student). I love the colors and pattern.

  2. Dawn! Thank student is a very quick learner and meticulous! I have also been getting back to some pattern work after being the "Plainweave Queen!"

  3. Can you tell me which loom you use? What's your favorite loom to weave on?