Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Shawl Material...and Horses...and Hannah!.

Started a new shawl plus enough I think for a jacket, hopefully.  Wound the warp onto the loom today after spending days and days actually making the warp because this new puppy addition is taking up some weaving time, for sure!

White rayon with amazing novelty yarns placed randomly...I have done similar ones before though not as wide and never made a jacket out of the material.

We had to close the north pasture earlier because the horses had eaten it to the ground while we were trying desperately to get the south pasture at least passable.  The south pasture is full of rocks and hadn't been used in years so the grass was tall and the rocks hidden.  First we had to string trim the grass down to a level so the horses could see where the rocks were and work on the fence as well.  So the north pasture is now lovely grass and the horses very happy to be out there even with the biting flies.

And this puppy is taking up all my time!  I need to weave!  I need to ride!  But she does melt my heart...



  1. What an absolutely adorable little sausage! I love fat, sassy lab

  2. ... pups, was the last word which didn't make it.

  3. Your warp looks wonderful, Cait.
    Your puppy--such a lovable creature!

    1. Thanks, Dawn! Have to work out some time to thread and sley...and it is quite the adjustment to having a little dependent!