Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last Commission of the Year!

Well...I'm done.  18 potholders for a local customer.
And she wanted them for just after Christmas.
And she told me this two weeks before Christmas.
And they take about an hour to do.
OK.  Good thing I love making
potholders!  Actually it is kind of
relaxing to work at the counter
while visiting with someone and
having coffee.
So.  No more commissions
and I have scarf designs in my
head waiting.  


My Noah is home with Sofia for Christmas
and today Alex is driving home as
well.  We are having good friends
over for Christmas dinner.
I think I am finished shopping.
Just some pies to bake and the
kids have been making cookies.  Oh
did I mention that I am not eating
sweets?  Yeah.  Great timing.  So far
I have resisted.  I am fighting my primary
about statins so I am determined to
loose a few and regain control.
Don't we all love control?!


  1. You go girl!... and those potholders are beautiful!

  2. Put you feet up and relax, Cait. You deserve it.

  3. Great colors in the potholders. :O)