Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Triangle Weaving Class

I have been so busy...Riding Django with my friend, Sandy, riding my Dakota...exercising the puppy with long walks in the woods...weaving another 12 (turns out to be 17) towels for a wonderful returning customer...and I just held another triangle class.  Oh and inbetween I sometimes take a nap.  Today I just finished the towels but haven't taken them off the loom yet.  I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving.  10 people coming including two of my sons!  Still have to make the beds up, bake a pie, finish a sweet potato casserole, grind up some local cranberries with oranges for the big dinner, clean up some...

But first I have to share the photos from class.  They all did an amazing job and finished by 4pm!  I think a couple of the women were tired but really the results were beautiful!  Next time I will insist people sit down to weave some!





We had to rush a little at the end so some of the fringe didn't get trimmed up but I think they all look gorgeous!  Fun day!

Off to walk the puppy...I hope everyone has a delightful thanksgiving!!!

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