Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm always playing catch-up lately!

Sometimes I just don't know where to begin...Ellie is at a boarding stable here but a very good friend is going to take her to Rochester to another barn to see if she can sell her.  Apparently they do a good job of matching up horses and riders there...All going to happen middle March.

I have been looking for a gelding and found a sweetheart over near Burlington.  I think we are a good match but we are waiting for the owner to think so, too.  We went over twice.  Rode three times.  He is friendly, curious, sensitive, very easy on the eyes, sane, energetic but not like Ellie, kind...I really liked him.  So now we are waiting to hear.  I'm sure there are better riders out there who are interested in him but I'm hoping!! AND he loves to be groomed! What can I say? Especially since Ellie didn't like being handled at all.

Here is Django!  So handsome...I would post some video but Gary took them all sideways.  sigh.

 A barred owl showed up a couple of weeks ago by the bird feeder...absolutely leaving the birds alone but we watched him catch a couple of mice or voles!  I have never seen an owl in the wild!

 My youngest brother, Stephen, got married this past Saturday to Ellen.  The wedding was in Colorado and we couldn't go.  But I really like my new sister-in-law and maybe they will come east for a visit in the summer.

I've been weaving...working on towels, wove a chenille scarf for one of my returning customers, and now just warping up for a multi-colored, mixed warp, dress scarf.

The house is leaking, my car leaks, the hot water froze going to the washing machine, the furnace stopped sometime last night and the fix-it guy is right now replacing the motor...I think this place is self-destructing.  On a positive note my Mom's house is selling so I will have some $$ to take down the old barn!  Such an eyesore.  Plus I think it is dangerous.

A dear friend came to visit a couple of weeks ago bringing me some bare branches.  A touch of spring, now!

And we are going to Italy late March...for a week!  Alex and Victoria are moving back to the house to take care of all the critters (my heartfelt thanks to them!!).  I am actually more excited about this horse than Italy though I know that is hard for my family to believe!

So...still cold...still winter!
Stay warm!


  1. It's so nice to see the gangway of your life, Cait. I love Django, and my lovely scarf of your's, much like the one you are working on--I love it always.

  2. I've got my fingers crossed that Django will be yours and all will work out well. He sounds great. It would be nice for Ellie to find a new home soon too.