Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miss Ellie's been a long winter so far and I've had a lot of time to think...maybe too much time...but in any case I think I'm putting Miss Ellie up for sale.  I absolutely hate giving up.  On her.  On me.  But she still needs a lot of work before I am comfortable riding her alone in the fields, on the road, in the woods.  And I just can't justify spending another spring and summer and fall working with her solely on the ground and only riding her when my trainer comes (again $$$).  If I was younger I wouldn't mind so much.  But after cancer you pretty much wake up surprised every morning that you are still here...and I really want to ride in my remaining time.
So, Saturday afternoon she is going over to a hunter/jumper barn where she can be seen and ridden by younger (braver) girls and maybe there someone will fall in love with her and have the patience to work through the rest of her training.

Duke will be lonely, I know...But I am looking again for another...this time back to geldings.  Older (like I am), friendly, calm and steady.  I am a little depressed by the whole thing but it might just be the unrelenting cold that has got me down.  And actually Duke always kicks at her and now she has a cut over her eye.  So I guess that isn't such a good match as well.  I might be looking at a gelding over near Burlington, VT on Sunday if the weather cooperates.  A 12-yo gelding.  We'll see.

So.  The stove pipe got ripped off during the ice storm for the downstairs (cellar) woodstove.  The showroom/workroom developed leaks because of the flat roof addition the idiots put on before we moved here.  I had to move a loom and tons of yarn out of the room to mop up.   Waiting till spring to fix that roof.  And the hot water pipe to the washing machine froze and broke last week so we tore up the floor and Gary is fixing that.  A hard winter.  At least everything is fixable!

Hope everyone is warm and dry!


  1. you gave it a big go, cait, and if ellie and you can be happier elsewhere, that's great! this winter IS hard, really hard. we're in it togehter, but oh, my.

  2. I seldom comment but always read your blog. I've had horses all of my life, and while I followed your journey with Ellie, I couldn't believe you kept her so long. I thought it was a dangerous situation and I'm glad that you've decided to sell her. There are so many other calm horses out there but I know that sometimes it's hard to find them. Something maybe with a little draft in it. There's another safe horse waiting for you, and I'm sure you'll find him soon. I think you made the right decision. ~Doreen

  3. You are doing the right thing!!... and making the decision, that first step.. is usually the hardest. I don't think you will regret it. I just hope this time you will be very very choosey and take your time. :-)

  4. Cait, get a horse you can ride. I'm sure it will be hard saying goodbye, but you will feel so happy on the saddle again.
    Hope your winter is short!

  5. It does sound like there's a better horse out there for you and a better place for Ellie. I'm sorry about the leaks, etc. Hang in there girl! I hope this week is MUCH better! :)