Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obsessing over the Sea...

I've been obsessing over the ocean lately...Thinking of the Outer Banks, NC and Italy, and the beach where I grew up in CT.

Must be cabin fever.

In any case it is informing my color decisions.
The scarves I'm working on are called "Beach Glass."  Visions of walking along the sand, looking for treasures, hearing the gentle lap of waves,

 feeling the wind off the water,

Smelling the salt air...

Already designing the next scarf..."Seascape"

We had a bout of colic this past weekend with Dommie.  Of course it was a Sunday.  Gave him a banamine shot in the morning but when he still wasn't feeling better I called the vet.  He came around 5 pm and gave him another one but IV this time.  Finally put him in his stall by 10 pm and he was looking much more alert.  He hadn't pooped all day.  He was pawing, lying down, getting up, lying down, looking sad.  It was 0 degrees.  But by morning he was good.  So distressing.  All the next day I checked on him about every 20 minutes out the window as well as brushing him and talking to him.  Now he is, of course, filthy but happy and eating.  Oh, and pooping.

That white patch of snow behind Dom is our pond.  It is beautiful up there but the snow is very slippery...too slippery for riding or walking.

So all is well...

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