Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cotton Scarves--done!

I'm having fun with these scarves.  Weaving two of the Summer Sorbet and one of the Mountain Mist.  They came out light, airy, textured and drape wonderfully!  Light enough to wrap around like a scarf and wide enough to be a light shawl on a cool summer eve.  I love having all my colors out in my new weaving room!!!  Very inspiring!

Summer Sorbet...cotton warp and tencel weft

Mountain Mist...woven with 100% cotton

 Twisting the fringe

I'm off to my sister Faith's 60th birthday with Noah then Faith and I are going to Holden, MA to a shower for my soon-to-be granddaughter!  We will be skyping (sp??) with DIL Alicia in Hawaii on Sunday!  Then it is off to my Mom's to pick up her car for Noah because she is giving up driving at age 91!  She might regret doing this but right now she sounds relieved that she won't have the responsibility of taking care of her car anymore.  She says she is tired.  Not all my sisters agree with this decision because they feel that her world will get even smaller.  But she has been getting lost lately and forgets how to do things like turn on the windshield wipers or defroster...And Faith called her church and they found a volunteer to take her to mass which makes her happy.  So on to the next phase.  It will be nice to visit with her quietly and let her talk.  She likes that.  Hope everyone's weekend is wonderful!


  1. That sorbet is gorgeous, Cait! Such a refreshing creation!

  2. Cait, your colors are just beautiful!....

  3. Cait! These are truly beautiful.. I love the colors...

  4. The scarves are beautiful! You are so talented! I hope you have a great time on your trip. Good luck to your Mom. I bet it is a relief to her not to have a car and get a ride to mass. :)

    Have a fun weekend!

  5. Love the scarves, they're both wonderful. xoxo

  6. cait-- the colors of your sorbet scarf are delcious! They remind me of one of my flower boxes in similar shades-- lovely work!

  7. Lovely colors, wonderful to hear about all your travels and visits; Happy Birthday to Faith; I wish you guys were coming back to Seattle/Whidbey Island, too! Am catching up on blogging and life here since I got back from italy. Sending much xoxoxo and how delightful to be making stuff for a new grand daughter!!