Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Barn Progress!

We've had help for the last two days! YAY!! A good friend, Ryan, came over and worked for hours with Gary and Noah starting the roof!

Here's the first panel going up.

And today Noah brought two friends over (Colin and Isaiah) and with Alex cutting rafters I can't believe how much they accomplished until rain drove them in.

Colin surveying the land...

The view looking up at the house and barn when I went to gather the horses.

Snow tonight so I don't know how much the boys can get done. And if it is windy they can't work up there with those enormous panels. Hope everyone is having a wonderful, peaceful week!



  1. Great to see all that progress on the barn, Cait. It looks huge!! Happy New Year!! We had a wonderful Christmas with the grandkids in Buffalo!!

  2. Wishing you a peaceful and lovely holiday season, too, Cait! The barn is looking good!

  3. Wishing your boys good luck in the barn progress, and so glad you're having a barn raising family oriented Holiday season!...

  4. New barn, new beginnings.It looks chilly over there...A real winter!

    A big hug to you and may this year be everything we ever wished for!

  5. how wonderful to see something like that come together because of your own hard work.

    Happy New Year to you too and your family!

  6. what a wonderful wonderful barn birthing. it's amazing, cait.