Saturday, December 3, 2011

Autumn Glow Scarf...

Another scarf...Autumn already in my shop. I've just been too busy to post. But I love this warp and I'm still weaving the last one of 3 off the loom...

Well, it's been so busy I haven't had time to blog at all...First Thanksgiving, Noah got a ride home, we went to a friend's house for dinner, Alex stayed long enough to eat but went to Walmart for Black Friday (??) shopping. We had music, we ate, we played pictionary...

Gary on guitar, Mark on bongo, Noah fiddling...

I drove Noah back to school on Sunday and decided that since the weather was so amazing I would drive over to Keene, NH to see my Mom. I could only stay a day. She is getting so forgetful. Like asking me over and over what day it was. Like getting into the car to drive to the eye doctor but thinking she is in White Plains, NY. sigh...But it was wonderful to see her and to see a couple of my sisters who live nearby.

I was going to clean up and decorate for the holidays but my good friend and pancreatic sister, Chris, is not doing well. We met in NYC at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital having the Whipple at the same time with the same doctor almost two years ago and bonded completely. She lives in the next little town from here. I just came back from visiting her...she is two years younger than me, her liver is failing and she is so thin. I wish for a miracle. A Christmas miracle...



  1. Cait the scarf glows with color and your artistry. Love it. I hope for a miracle for your friend too. BTW you look wonderful. Hope you will feel like doing some more clay soon. Just let me know.

  2. cait, the scarf if beautiful, and i'm glad you had good family time over thanksgiving. so sorry to hear about chris.

  3. ooh-cait, i just heard the music! what fun!

  4. Just ctching up again with blog posts, dear Cait..sending hugs and good wishes to you and to your "pancreatic sister" Chris. I love seeing your work..and I've got my cuff on right now! xo