Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I know it's been a long time since I blogged because I have been so tired. I did get a good CT scan a couple of weeks ago!! YAY!! However, I have been napping every day--just no energy. Trying to walk when it doesn't rain but mostly just blah...Then Noah came home for the week and just having someone in the house has helped.

I started working on little fun evening bags for my Etsy shop (more later when I photograph), went out for the first time with Gary since November to a coffee/wine bar. Had a blast and got to hear Noah play in a local band because they were short a fiddler. Our friend, Mark, is on the bodhran and I wish I knew how to flip the video right-side-up but oh well. I should know better than to take it like this on my little camera since I did the same thing when he played for his brother's wedding but...can I still blame chemo?? Oh, maybe it was the wine...hmmmm. Good wine...I might have gotten a little loud....

Meanwhile keeping Japan in our prayers and thoughts...


  1. Congratulations on the positive CT Scan. Hope you feel better and will regain you energy soon.
    Phyllis/Spin Knit and Life.

  2. YAY!!! for the good CT Scan!!!... As Spring comes in full force, I bet you'll find your energy again.. tis the reason for the season!

    Keep walking too....

  3. Hey Cait!!! I so rarely check blogs these days, but this morning with coffee and my husband leaving the house early, I sat down to try and catch up. And you just don't know how it makes me smile when I see your blog come up... to simply know that you are still here with us! Yes, I see on Facebook, but there's something about seeing a blog post. So yay for a good CT Scan and yay for your new little bags in the shop (I love them and the buttons you made too!). And OMG... YAY for Noah too! Can he come to North Carolina and play with me! Or maybe teach me to play fiddle???? Thanks for sharing the "sideways" videos. Noah's music is fantastic. Big hugs to you, sweetie.