Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Ride--Happy Spring!!!

Happy Spring everyone!!!!

The sun is shining and I just had my first ride since the last surgery in December! YAY!!! We worked in the arena for about 10 minutes and then went out in the field for 20 or so...Had to go out early while it was still alittle frozen because everything is pretty muddy around here. Snow still in the woods but the sun...ahhhhhh the sun is amazing. I think I need the light to function. Dommie did well, a little frisky but we mostly just walked with a little trotting. Will have to work to get him back in shape (and me, too). Took this picture after they went out to the pasture. Seems I tuckered him out! :D As soon as they saw me coming they came over for an apple and I didn't disappoint them! Happy Spring! I love it!!!
These pictures were taken a couple of days ago...Noah just left for school after being home for the week. Love his energy!
Noah off to collect some kindling for me!
To the woods...
Path to the pond...

Our pond...I wouldn't walk on it!!



  1. So glad you got out and had a nice ride today!!! Beautiful country you've got there...

  2. So nice to get out! We have had a few riders go by already too...

  3. Thanks Karen, Velma and Janie! I'm so proud of myself for getting out there and doing it! Made me feel good all day!!

  4. Hooray for first ride back. I so know how that feels! :-)

  5. Lisa, I'm always a little nervous getting on after so long especially since I ride alone but he was wonderful! And today, it is snowing...again...sigh...