Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Morning Routine

Duke eating Dommie's hay...

Dommie after chasing Duke away from Duke's hay...
Milk house door...

Well, no new life insights this morning...just doing Gary's chores on Tuesday because he always leaves before 7 am on Tuesday...so I'm in charge of fires, feeding horses, barn kitty and birds. Nice that they are all grateful for this! So I hugged everyone except the birds and now I'm thinking about baking to stay near the woodburning stove in the kitchen! The snow is gorgeous and fluffy--like being in a snow globe. I'm feeling quite content!


  1. You know, until last year I have always had my horses at home. Since we moved to This Old House we do not have a barn yet so my gelding is still boarded up the road. I miss the barn chores, Good Lord I never thought I'de say that, especially in winter. Your pictures remind me. Appys always look so awesome in the snow, particularly leapard aps like yours.

  2. Hi Karen! I don't mind doing the chores when it is cold but do not like the REALLY, REALLY cold...then it is hard. I do like seeing them run in the north pasture which is the biggest. And most of the time Gary does the morning and I do the afternoon so it's easier for me. Enjoy the snow from inside your lovely home!! xo

  3. yay snow. though there were some days (during the ice storm, for example) when i hated chores.