Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pre Christmas Surgery

Before we talk about the surgery I have to say that the day after I came home from the hospital Gary brought Noah home from Skidmore and the Alex and Noah went out looking for a tree. When they couldn't find any for sale they went into our woods and cut one. I think it is beautiful and can't wait for them to decorate it today! Such a delicate tree! I loved that they did this together. I love that they are not squabbling as much as they used to. I love that they are home for Christmas!!

Well, I did it...I actually volunteered for this surgery. I know, hard to believe. But the alternative was to never lift anything over 10 pounds forever. The last two surgeries had left a bit of a mess and a very wide scar and 4 separate hernias so not knowing really what I was getting into I went to the hospital and they accessed my port (soooo easy) and said that surgery would probably be about 45 min and that I could probably go home after. Yeah... The surgery became a bit complicated with adhesions, took over 2 hours and I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. So much for Christmas! Here I am after the surgeon took out half the staples, battered, bruised and swollen but recovering. I can now get in and out of bed by myself!! Oh, did I mention that I do not have a belly button?? Weird. And the gauze is over where they had a drain which is still a little messy. So in two weeks he will recheck and if the swelling isn't down we will do a CT scan and aspirate. Doesn't sound like fun so I'm hoping my body knows what to do. Meanwhile I'm not to do much except order everyone around! hahahaha... I actually pretty much finished my shopping early and I'm making Gary wrap. And I'll go with him to get some stocking stuffs and that's it! I'm done!
So hoping everyone has a wonderful Christmas with loved ones!!


  1. Oh My Good Lord, you've been through the wringer! However, it appears you've come out intact and with a great attitude, and that's what matters most. It's a beautiful tree, I love the banding of brothers, and I hope you have a peaceful, restful, healing holiday -

  2. you poor thing! i hope this holiday brings you the rest and recuperation and healing that you need and deserve. let those boys wait on you hand and foot.
    merry christmas!

  3. you are one brave person!

    The christmas tree reminds me of an old fashion christmas...homey and warm! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  4. Impressive belly, Cait, for sure. Definitely vies with Laura's of the past....we'll see what she says..It will heal, though and I send warm hugs (light ones 'til its healed) and much love to you. The tree is a sweet one; wonderful that you cut one yourselves; I think Mollie and Joe did that too! Here's to a new year of lots of (good) surprises, warmth, love, creativity, riding..and..

  5. oh... and i thought I HAD SCARS!! haha! You win, hands down!! god love you and your sense of humor as well! xxxxxooo laura

  6. dear cait, my god, you are one tough broad. i appreciate you not wanting to be unable to do much for the rest of your life, but my god WHAT a "scar". sending healing thoughts your way, and get yourself out to cuddle with those horses soon. much love coming your way.

  7. Wow! Cait, here's to your strength! I'll be thinking of you. Sending warm wishes for Christmas and the New Year. xoxo -Anne

  8. Thank you all...the original surgery had left a scar almost as long (pancreatic cancer is a bitch) but when I got the abscess it had to heal open and really left a here is my new and improved scar! Thank you for all your kind and healing thoughts...I do hope to get out to the horses with an apple or two soon! I miss those horsey hugs! xo

  9. Cait- Here's to happiness and extreme healing! I hope you are done with surgeries now. Your tree is beautiful, better than the store bought ones. I know how it warms a mothers heart to see her offspring pull together! Best wishes for a great 2011 for all! ~Annie

  10. wow Cait, you're zipped up!!

    many healing and restful and healthy wishes to you. hope you have a wonderful christmas.
    xxx melanie.

  11. Good gracious me Cait! Now that's what I call a scar! But the only things that matter are that you're home and recovering, that you're surrounded by such fine menfolk to love you and take care of you, that it's Christmas, and that you have your beautiful tree.

    Yes, Ginny's right, Joe and I always cut our Christmas tree from the woods, and I think those are the best kind - so sweet and natural! Merry Christmas to all!
    xoxo Mollie

  12. cait-- you're tree is especially sweet-- and won't it be beautiful when your boys decorate it!

    you're another of the courageous women who's managed to find strength, honesty and humor in the face of adversity---you're an inspiration! get plenty of good rest so you can heal quickly,-- and enjoy getting waited on, this is a rare moment!! enjoy a beautiful holiday.


  13. WOW, Cait!! That IS impressive!! So glad you made it home for Christmas, though. Have a WONDERFUL day with your family and just keep ordering them around and healing. Love you!
    Suz (of the simple kind)

  14. So glad you are on the mend! Hopefully this is the last of the surgeons for you for a very long time!

    My mom had surgery a very very long time ago that also took away her belly button...

    Happy New Year!!