Monday, November 15, 2010

Fabulous Weekend!!

The weather has been amazing here--in the high 50s during the day and I have been riding, riding, riding! Dommie is full of beans since I've been working him and a little feisty out in the field because he wants to RUN! I keep reminding him that I'm an old lady...Next Friday we are off to my trainer's barn with the two horses for a week of lessons! I have a friend who will ride Duke. I can't wait. I'm so excited. We did this last November but I was ill and didn't realize how sick I really was! But this November I have some energy so it should be wonderful to really work! And in her indoor arena Dommie settles down...I was riding the other day with another friend and she looked at me and asked me why I carried a crop...ha ha ha...She told me she didn't think I needed it for speed! Actually I just need it to move his butt over occasionally...Now if only I could get him skinny enough for my dressage saddle...I can see from the pictures that my legs are too far forward...hmmm, lots of things to work on next week!

I've got my student coming this morning so I'm off to put on another towel warp and thread the warp I've got on for scarves!

Our 22nd wedding anniversary! Out to dinner, bottle of wine, home to a movie...ahhhh...

Here's to a great week!!


  1. What a wonderful day you've shared with us, Cait! Just looking a you and Dommie makes my heart sing!

    And Happy Anniversary, you two! You're a perfect couple - still so obviously in love after 22 years!!! Hooray!

  2. I love seeing you on Dommie, Cait! WooHoo. I will be looking forward to your follow-up after the visit to your brother's barn!

    And Happy Anniversary to you guys! WooHoo and lots of love for this, too!

  3. you and your spottie boy are BOTH smiling. how beautiful you look together!