Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend at Cooperstown, NY!

Gary's work conference this year was held at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, NY about 4 hours south of us. What an amazing hotel and it was the second time we had stayed there! I can't imagine a nicer place! The food was fabulous, the bed was made everytime it got a wrinkle, chocolates on the pillow, huge bathroom with freebies, a copy of the newspaper every morning at the door, lovely robes to wear, an outstanding view from the windows of the lake...sigh...coming home to dirty dishes was sort of a letdown!

The view from our windows as well as the huge porch in the back of the hotel where I sat and rocked and knitted for hours while Gary was in meetings. Sooooo relaxing... and in the afternoon in the lobby they serve tea and cookies while someone softly plays the piano in the background.

OK, here I am playing "lady of the manor" in my new hat that Gary bought me in the gift store. And behind me is the my favorite porch in the world. What's not to like!

xo Cait


  1. What a lovely place to take a promenade--and your hat is perfect!

  2. cait, you are so beautiful!
    if i had known, i would have come over and washed the dishes. now THAT'S a housejob i like to do!

  3. Thanks Dawn, I love my hat! ha ha ha!!! And Velma! Why do my boys hate doing dishes?? Thanks for the complement! I actually had to sit down and pose because I was so tired! But it was still a wonderful weekend away with not a doctor in sight! YAY!

  4. Hi Cait: Catching up with your post today..I love seeing you as "lady of the manor"; a beautiful photo..you look wonderful seated there; it sounds like a fine weekend away!Yay for no doctors...